Circulars Go Round and Round

circular needle holder at

Do you use circular needs for your larger knitting?  They are great for afghans and large items.  But one of the problems is that they are always curled round and round after being stored in the holders they come in.

Somewhere Under There


On a sunny but very cold day at the end of February I ventured out into the garden to take some photos.  Everything looks so different with all the snow on top of it.  Somewhere under there lies my garden with Nature doing its magic under the ground and getting ready to show itself whenever…

Murder with Peacocks


The first book in the Meg Langslow mystery series by Donna Andrews is Murder with Peacocks.  I had read one of these books a couple of years ago but didn’t realize it was part of a larger series.

Add a Little Scent

a knitted sachet from

This little knitted sachet is quick and easy to make and makes a nice little gift for a friend or yourself.  Tuck some dried herbs inside, either from your garden or purchased ones. Then you can add that lovely aroma to your drawers or storage boxes and enjoy it all year round.

Are We Weather Obsessed?

watching the weather at

It seems a major topic of conversation with Canadians is the weather.  Is it too hot?  too cold? just right? never predictable? Are we obsessed with weather?

The Grantchester Mysteries


There are three books in the Granchester Mystery series so far.  This series has also been on Masterpiece Theatre on Sunday evenings.  It is always interesting to compare the tv shows to the actual books on which they were based.

The Succulents Were Framed

a basket frame of succulents at

One of the projects over the past gardening season was making a succulent frame.  I saw the idea at Canada Blooms and on various websites.  One day while visiting some thrift stores I came across a basket that would be perfect.

Snowy then Frigid but Sunny


Ontario has been plunged back into the frigid weather with temperatures the past several days. Yet on Saturday it warmed up, if you can call -10 Celsius warm and we got some snow.  Not as much as the Maritimes have been getting but enough to cause a bit of havoc on the roads.

In The Branches


A favourite spot for the birds to perch is in the branches of the pine tree before they flit in and out to the feeders.  They flit so quickly it is sometimes hard to get good photos of them and then add that the photos are taken through glass they aren’t always the best.

Garden Comparisons for February

the gardens in early February at

One of my projects this winter is to photograph the various garden areas and compare them throughout the season.  Regular readers of my site will know that I give all the garden areas names according to a focal point in that area – the wndmill garden, the honeysuckle garden, the bottle tree garden etc.