The Pine Siskins

pine siskins at the black oil sunflower and needier feeders at

The pine siskins have been enjoying the feeders this past week.  These cute little birds are members of the finch family.

Add Some Homemade Sparkle

beaded Christmas ornaments from

I love it when Christmas comes creeping in.  Doing a little bit now means I don’t have to do a whole lot later on.  There is gift making and ornament making going on right now.

Create some Cute Little Trees

quick and easy Christmas tree decoration to make at

It’s the season to think about decorating.  Here are some cute little trees that are quick and easy to create.

Pots Filled with Winter Greenery

winter greenery pots at

My bit of gardening in November has been completed with the filling of the large pots with greenery from Nature.  That does count as gardening doesn’t it?

At the Coil Feeder

chickadee at the coil feeder at

We love watching the birds so this year I’ve set the coil feeder up by the back kitchen door this year to get a better view.

Hello Pep and Salty

Pep and Salty the shaker people from

I’d like to introduce you to Pep and Salty … the shaker people, the latest addition to my snow folk.

The Ripples and Stripes

cozy afghans from

At this time of the year is is so nice to wrap an afghan around yourself and just relax.  Another afghan pattern I love to make is the ripple effect.

Fingerless Gloves and an OMG story

knitted fingerless gloves from

I think I finished the latest pair of fingerless gloves just in time.  The cold weather has arrived.

My Menagerie of Felt Critters

my felt menagerie at

Over the past year I’ve been participating in the stitching of felt critters at Mockingbird Hill and Creative Cain Cabin.

Bluejay Buddies

bluejays at the coconut suet feeder at

Have a look at these bluejay buddies snacking together at the suet feeder.