How to Make a Towel Apron

making a towel apron at

I find myself wearing aprons more and more these days.  I recently made one from a towel and some material.  It’s a project that has been crossed off my winter crafting list.

Winter Delights – From the Windows

Dec. 29/16 snow storm at

It is lovely to know you don’t have to venture out in a snow storm.  You appreciate it so much more when you can relax and enjoy the view from the windows.

2sDay Bluejays

2sDay bluejays at

It’s 2sDay and time for photos of two of the same things. Bluejays are featured in the photos this week.

Tea Treasures

teapot wind chime at

I have lots of tea treasures, some more special than others. A few months before Christmas on trip to the thrift store I purchased a little teapot wind chime for 50 cents.  

2sDay Starlings

2 starlings for 2sDay at

For my play on words I’ll be posting some 2sDay photos on random Tuesdays.  Each photo will include 2 of the same thing.