The House Finches

male and female house finch at

House finches are frequent visitors to the feeders in the garden.  They snack on black oil sunflower seed, safflower and mixed bird seed.

Gardeners Have Halos

making a halo garden at

It is a rare occurrence to actually get mail in the mail box.  So when I got a notification last week to head into town to the post office to pick up a parcel on one of our trips I was excited.

What’s in the Garden? – U

finding the letter U at

My alphabetical gardening quest is up to U.  This has been another challenging letter and needed some creative and unique thinking.

Purple Finches Aren’t Purple

a purple finch at

Why are they called purple finches when they aren’t purple?  In fact Roger Tory Peterson said they were sparrows dipped in raspberry sauce.

What’s in the Garden? – T

finding the letter T at

It’s time for T in the garden.  I’m also doing garden updates as well as looking back with the alphabetical gardening and some of the things overlap this week.  The trillium and tulips are actually in bloom right now in the garden.

Birds and Blooms in May

red and white trilliums at

This is a time of year that I love in the garden.  It is finally getting warm enough to enjoy being outside for longer periods of time.  The many perennials are all poking through the ground and growing fairly quickly.   And best of all the blooms are appearing.

What’s in the Garden? – S

the letter S at

There are an abundance of plants, birds and ornaments that begin with S in the garden.  I’ve been hunting through the photo archives to find the best of the best.  Enjoy your visit to the garden in different seasons and times.