May Gardens

front shade garden on May 25, 2015 at

May is one of my favourite months in the garden with so much lush, green growth and the appearance of lovely spring blooms that we seem to have been waiting for  so long to open.  Last weekend the evil Step Mother Nature (just like in the fairy tales) made an unexpected appearance  and did some damage to the plants.

The Farmyard Garden

hens & chicks in the farmyard garden at

If you are a regular reader at my site you know I love to give my gardens names.  This little area at the bottom of the deck stairs and right beside the garage door is the farmyard garden.  When we first moved into this house, 28 or so years ago there was an overgrown lilac…

The Hanging Mesh Feeder

d feeder at

For my birthday I received this lovely whimsical hanging mesh bird feeder.  As that was back in March it has been hanging in the third bedroom, which is also my sewing room.  A few weeks ago I got it hanging in one of the cedar trees so that it is visible from the deck.

Stepping Stones for the Garden

stepping stones at

Creating whimsy for the garden is a fun project.  These mosaic stepping stones were ones that I made a few years ago.  You need round paving stones, tiles, old keys, and gem stones. and whatever else you want to use to decorate your stone. 

The Ottawa Tulip Festival

Ottawa Tulip Festival May 2015

We had a wonderful visit to Ottawa to see the tulip festival in the middle of the week.  What an amazing sight to see beds and beds of tulips of all different colours and varieties.

It Was a Glorious Week

trilliums May 2015 at

The weather was wonderful last week, in fact a couple of the days had summer like temperatures reaching 25 Celsius and our first humidex reading of the year close to 30 Celsius.  As much as we have been wanting the warm to hot days we are now desperately needing rain for the gardens.

Converting the Old Fountain

converting the old cement fountain into a planter at

A couple of years ago I was given an old cement fountain that no longer worked.   Right away I could visualize it being used as a planter for succulents.  Trouble is it was so heavy I couldn’t move it or even help to move it.

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