What’s in the Garden? – Z

finding Z at craftygardener.ca

I’ve finally reached the last letter in my alphabetical gardening series.  This started as a winter project at the beginning of January to get me thinking about the garden throughout the year.  In no time at all I’ve zipped right through the alphabet and here we are at the end of June.

Sinkville Village

Welcome to Sinkville at craftygardener.ca

It’s almost time to say goodbye to June.  It was a hot month that saw the strawberry moon arrive the same time as the summer solstice.  We didn’t get a good view of the full moon as that evening we had terrific thunder storms with heavy rain and strong winds and our area was under…

What’s in the Garden? – Y

finding Y at craftygardener.ca

Yikes, we are up to Y for Friday’s Hunt.  The alphabetical gardening series has been showing plants, birds, and whimsy found throughout the year in my garden.

Enjoying the Garden

flowering shrubs at craftygardener.ca

There is lots going on in the garden as we head into the summer solstice.  The long daylight hours have been wonderful giving more time to enjoy the outdoors.

What’s in the Garden? – X

finding x at craftygardener.ca

It’s time to tackle X in the alphabetical gardening series I’ve been doing.   This letter was a real challenge and I had to be quite creative and even use the dictionary.  Gardening is very x-citing and requires lots of x-tra energy.

The Flavia deLuce Mysteries


I recently started the Flavia deLuce mystery series by Alan Bradley, a Canadian author.  There are seven books in the series so far, with a short ebook also available, and the eight book is due out in the summer of 2016.

Blooming Beautiful

June blooms at craftygardener.ca

It’s that time of year when blooms are appearing daily.  Thankfully we had some much needed rain overnight and early this morning.

What’s in the Garden? – W

the hunt for W at craftygardener.ca

Friday’s Hunt is up to W this week so it is time for my alphabetical gardening to share the W things in the garden.   This letter wasn’t as challenging as some of the previous ones.

Flitting In and Out

bird visitors to the garden at craftygardener.ca

The birds and critters flit in and out of the garden and sometimes it is a challenge to get a good photo of them.  Persistence pays off, and eventually there is a good photo or two of the lens friends.

Goodbye May

the front shady garden at craftygardener.ca

It just seemed like May arrived and here we are enjoying the last few days.  The weather switched into hot and dry mode.  So many local areas have fire bans and the grass is rapidly drying out and the ground is hardening up.