How to Make a Half Coconut Feeder

enjoying suet in the coconut feeder at

You can turn a coconut into a feeder with a few simple steps.  This is the second style of coconut feeder we’ve made for the garden.  The birds love them filled with homemade suet.

A Gift from Nature

November 24, 2015 - first snow at

Today we got our gift from Mother Nature … the first snowfall of the season.  We had a sprinkle a day or so ago but this time it actually settled onto the ground, trees, and greenery baskets.

Reversible Boot Cuffs

knitted boot cuffs at

 I love finding a pattern that uses up some of the odds and ends of my yarn stash.  This little boot cuff pattern was a quick and easy knit and used up some light and dark grey yarn.  These are reversible boot cuffs knitted in a rib pattern in the round with 5 mm circular needles.

Make Festive Envelopes

making festive envelopes at

The holiday season is fast approaching.  Giving something homemade makes it a bit more special. It is almost that time of year to send our Christmas cards and instead of those plain envelopes that come with purchased cards why not create some festive ones.

Winter Greenery for the Pots

pots filled with winter greenery at

It has been that time of year … fill the empty pots and containers with greenery to add interest for the winter.   I did things a bit differently this year and didn’t fill the two biggest pots because of their location.  One is right beside the driveway and gets covered in snow from the…

Shady Pines Wildlife Centre

Shady Pines Wildlife Centre in Napanee, Ontario, Canada

Not that far from us is an amazing wildlife rescue centre that helps orphaned and injured animals.  The Shady Pines Wildlife Centre is in Napanee and takes in all critters and creatures and helps them on the way to recovery.  At the time we visited there were 160 animals in care.

French Breakfast Radish

growing French Breakfast radish at craftygardenerca

This was my first year growing radishes for a very long time.  I was prompted to grow them because our grandson loves to munch on them.  I tried a variety called French Breakfast, listed as ideal for container growing.

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