W for Woodpeckers

woodpeckers in the garden at craftygardener.ca

Over time we have a variety of woodpeckers visit the garden feeders.  The most frequent visitors are the downy and hairy woodpeckers.

12 Flowers for Christmas

2 fouroclocks

On a dull, dreary, rainy December day I put together my rendition of the 12 days of Christmas with the 12 flowers for Christmas. 

The Sky This Week

eye on the sky Dec. 2014 at craftygardener.ca

Nature has given us a variety of weather this week and along with that goes some glorious skies.  It is always so interesting to keep your eye on the sky with a camera nearby.

The Bling in Winter

garden bling in winter at craftygardener.ca

Every garden needs a little bling … even in winter.  Some of the garden danglers have been collecting snow from the recent snowfall and look so pretty.

Blanketed in White

Dec. 11, 2014 at craftygardener.ca

During yesterday and overnight we had some snow from the Nor’easter that was moving up the coast.   We were right on the edge of the system and didn’t get nearly as much as was predicted.

The Upside Down Bird

the white breasted nuthatch at craftygardener.ca

Nuthatches are cute little birds known for being upside down.  They go head first down a tree trunk and will perch upside down on the feeders.

Christmas Comes in Boxes

Christmas 2014 at craftygardener.ca

Christmas decorating takes front and centre now that December is here.  At our house, and I’m sure yours, Christmas comes in boxes, and tubs, and bags, and containers and boxes inside boxes and things wrapped in tissue paper and paper towels.

Munching the Corn

munching the corn at craftygardener.ca

We have a squirrel feeder right down the back of the garden.  It has a spike in the middle for fixing an ear of corn.  We have ample access to corn as that is usually what is grown in the back fields.

A Museum Mystery – Fundraising the Dead


I’ve recently started a new series by Sheila Connolly titled a Museum Mystery featuring Eleanor Pratt as the lead character.  But I’m not getting too far into it as there are so many others things that need doing.

A Tuckered Out Reindeer

a tuckered out reindeer from craftygardener.ca

This poor reindeer is all tuckered out after a hectic holiday season.  Find out how to make one of your own.  I’ve also included a few other reindeer crafts that I’ve had posted over the years.