What’s in the Garden? – R

the letter r at craftygardener.ca

This week it is time to hunt through the photo archives for things in the garden that begin with R … the birds, the blooms, the edibles and  the decorations.

Is It Finally Here?

spring pansies at craftygardener.ca

Gardening season is finally here.  The wether is improving and the gardens are beckoning.   I’ll be spending more time outside, not just in the gardens, but getting out and about, and less time publishing posts.

What’s in the Garden? – Q

finding Q at craftygardener.ca

My alphabetical gardening posts have reached Q this week.  It has been a challenge to find things that start with this letter, but with a bit of creativity and searching the photo archives I came up with some things.

Tea Time is Any Time

my teacup collection at craftygardener.ca

I’m craf-tea and love to make things out of teacups and tea items … but these teacups won’t be made into any teacup feeders.

What’s in the Garden? – P

letter p at craftygardener.ca

I’ve found birds, plants, decorations, and garden spaces for this week’s alphabetical gardening.

It’s Still Really Chilly for April

April 4, 2016 at craftygardener.ca

The struggle between winter and spring weather continues with a mixture of snow, rain, sun, wind and below average temperatures.  We all know that spring will win out but it is just a matter of when.

What’s in the Garden? – O

finding the letter O at craftygardener.ca

O-o-o-o what did I find in the garden that starts with O for this week.  I’m really enjoying this alphabetical gardening challenge each week.