July 2016- Hot, Humid and Dry

July 2016 at craftygardener.ca

July is coming to a close and what a month it has been.  The words hot, humid, and parched come to mind when describing it.   Temperature records have been set and when the humidity is factored it some of the afternoons have been unbearable.  Rain has been almost non-existent.

Enjoying Daycations

dragon boat races at Belleville, Ontario

We’ve been enjoying the summer weather and getting out and about.  For Five on Friday I’m sharing five of the fun places we have been to over the few months .  

The July Garden

the yucca in bloom at craftygardener.ca

July is here and the pace of living and blogging has slowed right down.   The weather is gorgeous for sitting in the garden to watch, read, knit, crochet, craft and photograph. In fact some days it has been so humid, even the shade feels hot.  Thursday was one of those days when the humidex was…

A Bit of Flag Whimsy

making a Canada flag out of material strips at craftygardener.ca

Even though I haven’t been posting much I’ve been busy creating crafty things for the garden.   One of those things was a Canadian flag made using odd bits of material and a coat hanger.

What’s in the Garden? – Z

finding Z at craftygardener.ca

I’ve finally reached the last letter in my alphabetical gardening series.  This started as a winter project at the beginning of January to get me thinking about the garden throughout the year.  In no time at all I’ve zipped right through the alphabet and here we are at the end of June.

Sinkville Village

Welcome to Sinkville at craftygardener.ca

It’s almost time to say goodbye to June.  It was a hot month that saw the strawberry moon arrive the same time as the summer solstice.  We didn’t get a good view of the full moon as that evening we had terrific thunder storms with heavy rain and strong winds and our area was under…