Aunt Dimity & the Wishing Well

Aunt Dimity by Nancy Atherton

Are you acquainted with Aunt Dimity?  She is the paranormal detective in the series by Nancy Atherton.

Lori Shepherd is the main character is this series and Aunt Dimity was a very good friend of her mother. Lori’s Mom used to tell her bedtime stories about Aunt Dimity.

C for Clematis

Polish Spirit clematis at

The Polish Spirit clematis grows happily in the trellis garden for many years.  It provides many lovely purple blooms.  In 2010 the trellis had to be moved for some renovations on the basement and the clematis was dug and put into a large tub.

Warming Rays of Sunlight

the warming rays of the sun at

January continues to be cold, with just the odd day of temperatures around zero Celsius.  On the cold days the sun streams into the house and creates lovely puddles of light and interesting shadows.  One good thing is we have had hardly any snow to clear away.

Grow Your Blog 2015


 Grow your blog is an event hosted by Vicki at 2Bags Full.  It was created as a way for bloggers to connect and find new places to visit.  Welcome to all the new visitors that are exploring the huge list of participants.  Thank you to all the visitors that stop by on a regular basis…

Growing Succulents Indoors

Growing Succulents Indoors by Cassidy Tuttle

Growing Succulents indoors is a 42 page ebook written by Cassidy Tuttle of Succulents and Sunshine.  This is a book geared towards those looking to start a succulent collection as well as those who currently own succulents and need help keeping them alive and healthy.

Keeping My Ears Warm

a crochet head wrap from

We’ve been having some really, really cold weather so far in January so I used up some of my yarn to make some warm cozy headbands to keep my ears warm.  I just hate wearing hats but during this cold spell it is important to keep my ears warm.  On extremely cold days when I’m outside for…

Converted to a Bottle Tree

converting an old lilac bush into a bottle tree at

One of the garden projects last year was to create a bottle tree using an old lilac bush that for some reason stopped growing.  The branches got trimmed back so they would hold the coloured bottles.

This Week in the Sun

sun and shadows at

It has been a lovely sunny week with the odd spell of clouds and dullness.  The temperatures were frigid at times but at least the sun was there to try to convince us it was okay to be outside.

Fairytale Crochet

Fairytale Crochet by Louise Tyler

Fairytale Crochet by Louise Tyler has over 35 magical little items to crochet.  If you love fairytales you will love how the characters have come to life in these crochet patterns.

A Brief Bit of Snow

a winter day at

On Sunday morning we had a brief bit of snow come down.  The sky had hinted that something was going to happen and within a few minutes the snow was swirling around.