Those Amazing Little Seeds

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Tiny seeds can grow into beautiful things.

It is just barely spring time, by the calendar, and that means it’s time to start thinking about sowing seeds (inside for some, but outside for others). Most seeds can be started inside about 6 weeks before your last frost date. Frost dates vary from area to area so you need to check to see when yours is.  

Canada Blooms 2015

Canada Blooms 2015

A day trip out to Canada Blooms is always a fun experience when we are desperately waiting for spring weather to arrive and get working in the garden.  Last week we had a day trip to the Direct Energy Building in Toronto to see Canada Blooms and the National Home Show.

Blooms in the Sunshine

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All of a sudden I have lots of blooms in the kitchen, in fact they all arrived on the same day … not a birthday or a celebration but a trip to Canada Blooms.

R for Redpolls

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Redpolls belong to the finch family.  This little bird is about the same size as a goldfinch, around 12 or 13 cm. long.  Sometimes they are commonly mistaken for house finches or pine siskins.

The Upside Down Bumbershoot

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Bumbershoot is the old fashioned name for umbrella.  I decided to turn that umbrella upside down, add some spring things and make a bumbershoot display instead of the traditional wreath.  Have a look at the quick and easy display I made for spring using a bumbershoot, some forsythia branches and some ribbon.  

Shamrocks and Robins

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This past week one of the birds we most look forward to seeing arrived in the garden.  The robins are back.  The week started out lovely with above zero temperatures (Celsius) and with that the melting starting.  Within a day or so there were patches of grass showing and I knew that meant the robins…

Cacti in the Sun

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In some sunny patches in the kitchen a couple of new cacti plants have found a new home.  For a birthday gift I received two cactus plants … fairy castle cactus and moon cactus.

I for Inuksuk

an inuksuk made of bricks at

Have you met Inuky?  That is what I call my brick inuksuk. An inuksuk is a stone monument used by the Inuit as a marker for special places, interesting places, marking trails or location of food or people, navigation, or migration routes of the caribou.

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