The Honourable Phryne Fisher

A Phryne Fisher Mystery

The honourable Phryne Fisher is a series about a lady detective set in the 1920’s in Australia and written by Kerry Greenwood.  I was able to read the first three books in order but our library doesn’t have them all.  So I’m being content with what I can find.  I’ve read the twelfth  and sixteenth book and now I’m on the seventeenth one.

Zucchini Fritters

zucchini fritters at

I am on my quest to use up the extra zucchini with my version of zucchini fritters.  I usually don’t cook anything that is fried or deep fried but these fritters only take a couple of minutes in a frypan with a bit of olive oil, so I’m not counting them as fried.

How to Make a Gate Tree

the gate tree at

How do you turn an old gate into a conversation piece for the garden?  Just add some branches and some rocks and turn it into a gate tree.

Sighting Some Caspian Terns

caspian terns on the Bay of Quinte, Ontario

The weather has been a hot and muggy and one morning we decided to walk down by the bay and enjoy the breeze off the water.  Just by the children’s play area in a marshy area that the swans nest in we sighted some Caspian Terns … in fact quite a few of them on a…

Dying in the Wool

Dying in the Wool by Frances Brody

I making good progress with the new series by Frances Brody.  These cozy mysteries are set in the 1920’s in England and feature Kate Shackleton as a private investigator.  I’m into the second book and have requested the third one from the library.

Reading and Knitting on the Hot Days

grey cowl knitted with Miski yarn at

Wow, it sure has been hot and humid lately that it has made being outside for long periods in the afternoons unbearable.   It has meant trips out in the mornings doing walking and shopping and spending the rest of the day inside … either reading, knitting, or working on the computer.

The Old Hastings Gallery

Old Hastings Gallery in Ormsby, Ontario

Ormsby is a little village off Highway 62N at Highway 620. Listed as one of the ghost towns of this part of Ontario with a population of 20 (there abouts) it has two amazing places to visit.

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