Reflections at the Pond

Reid's Dairy pond September 14, 2014 -

On a lovely sunny Sunday last week we stopped at the Reid’s Dairy pond again to get more photos of the water birds there.  The reflections were lovely on the still water.  This time there were other birds besides the green heron.

The Maisie Dobbs Series

In my continuing quest to read the Maisie Dobbs series in order I’ve recently finished Messenger of Truth and An Incomplete Revenge , (4th  and 5th) books in the series.  These books are set in England after WWI.  Maisie, who was a nurse during the war,  is an investigator and self proclaimed psychologist.

Any Time is Garden Time

old garden tools fastened onto a round piece of wood ...

One of the garden projects I made this summer used an old round piece of wood, some old garden hand tools, some screws and glue.   Now I just need to come up with a way of fastening it to a wall.

The Scent of Lavender

lavender garden on the waterfront trail

While enjoying a lovely walk down by the bay last Sunday we came across a huge bed of lavender.  I was a bit surprised that it was all still blooming and what a wonderful scent it had.  I knew I had to take lots and lots of photos to use for Mosaic Monday, as Judith,…

Green Heron at the Pond

green heron at the pond from

At a busy intersection at the north end of town is Reid’s Dairy Plaza.   At the back of the plaza there is a pond which has some resident goats, turtles, and ducks.  It is also a great stopping place for herons and Canada Geese.   Reid’s Dairy also sells ice cream and milkshakes and…

Hanging up the Towel

crochet pattern for a towel ring holder from

With the renovation in my kitchen complete I don’t seem to have a place to put up a towel rack for drying tea towels, except for hanging them over the oven handle.  So I dug through the craft cupboard and found a holder for towels I had made a few years ago.  It fastens over…

New Life for an Old Birdcage

birdcage planter at

I’ve had an old birdcage collecting dust in the garage for ages and ages.  At the beginning of the season I dusted it off and decided to give it some new life as a planter.  In a quick fix I just added a pot of petunias, but knew that wasn’t what I really wanted to…

Some are Fading, Some are Blooming,


It’s that time of year in the gardening season when some plants are still blooming and many are fading away … some faster than others.  The Fall blooms are appearing … sedum, mums, wild asters, garlic chives.  The weather has been beautiful for the beginning of September … sunny, bright, a little bit of rain,…

The Honeysuckle as September Begins

tree following September 2014 - honeysuckle shrub at

September has arrived and it is time to check in with the tree following at Lucy’s blog.  The Summer season is starting to come to a close and Autumn is creeping in with a few tell tale signs.