Around the Feeders

female cardinal at

The winter visitors are enjoying the variety of seeds and nuts in and around the feeders.  Keeping them filled can be a challenge.

2sDay Cardinals

cardinals at

It’s 2sDay and time for photos of 2 of the same thing.  This week it is my favourite bird – the cardinal – the male and female together.

Going Round in Circles

making a circle bag at

The idea had been mulling around in my mind for ages, time to think outside of the box (or square) and get into the round. I’ve been making crochet circles of different shapes and I’ve put them all together into my latest ‘purse’onality project.  

That’s Charming

a charm of goldfinches at

This is like a search and find series of photos.  But once you find the charm of goldfinches, you will have no trouble spotting them in the other photos.

The Veggies I’m Not Growing

the plant tables at

It’s that time of year when seed catalogues are arriving and Seedy Saturdays are being planned.  Time to simplify and evaluate what veggies to grow in the garden this year.