Sunning, Preening, Feeding, Waddling

down by the bay August 2014,

A walk down by the bay is always a relaxing treat with so many photo opportunities.  The water is calm and the water birds are plentiful.

Sweet Tea Revenge

sweet tea revenge

It’s time for tea and mystery. TheTea Shop Mysteries by Laura Childs is one of my favourite cozy mystery series.  I love these sort of mystery books with characters you feel you get to know, with settings that you can easily visualize and imagine yourself in and the inclusion of recipes at the back of the book.


growing okra in Cdn garden zone 5b at

 This is the first time I’m trying to grow okra seed in my veggie container garden.  The seeds were given out at Canada Blooms, which we visited last March.

Ready or Not, Here It Comes

here comes autumn at

We have had the odd day that is warning us that Autumn is approaching.  The nights are cooler and the daytime temperatures aren’t very high.

Creating on a Rainy Day

trinket stand from

It is always good to save something for a rainy day.  And we have had several rainy days this summer.  On one of those days I created a trinket stand from some pretty glass dishes and plates.

More From Maisie Dobbs

maisie dobbs3

I have recently been enjoying the lovely weather and taking time to read in the gazebo.  I’ve read the second and third books in the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear.

Trimming and Organizing for August

garden journal update for August 2014 -

There is lots going on in the garden as August flies by.  I’ve neglected doing some garden journal updates but the work in the garden hasn’t been neglected.  It just seems hard to fit everything in.