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Garden Danglers

Categories: Whimsy.

Every garden needs a little bling.  I love creating things from wire, marbles, old cds, keys and more.  Danglers will sparkle in the sun and are only limited by your own imagination. This garden suncatcher is made using copper wire, marbles, flat marbles and 2 old cd’s.  Hang it in the garden and watch the sun reflect off the cd. Using Crafters Goop glue the 2 cd’s together (shiny side out).  Be sure to let this dry and then drill 4 holes (one at the top and 3 at the bottom).  Using copper wire (purchased from hardware stores) make the 4
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Dark Eyed Juncos

Categories: Birds and British Columbia.

  On our trip to British Columbia in November 2011 we spotted some different birds than we see here in Ontario.  The dark eyed, or Oregon juncos out there are just a bit different from the slate coloured juncos we see at home. These cute little sparrow like birds were in a large flock around the garden at our daughter’s home. They find their food mainly on the ground but will go into the feeders. They are common residents around that part of Canada.  Over winter they will venture into other areas. The colouring on these juncos is just a
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Think Outside the Pot!

Categories: Container Gardening and Succulents.

I love to plant in all sorts of things and not just flower pots.   You just have to let your imagination get creative and you can find all sorts of things to plant in around the house, at flea markets, at garage sales and in thrift stores.   The containers can be big or small depending on the type of plant you want to put in it. One of my favourites is an old washing machine tub that my husband brought home one day.  It already had lots of its own drainage holes.  Now when it is filled with
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Chipping is Digging

Categories: Lens Friends.

Do you have a love hate relationship with the chipmunks that reside in and around your garden?   I love to watch their cute antics but I hate it when they dig in the pots I’ve just planted with fresh seed.  Our resident chipmunk is always bounding around the garden and stuffing its cheeks with seeds and peanuts.  I sometimes think he has more seeds and nuts stored in his home than we have in the seed bins. Recently I caught the Chippy busily digging in a pot I had just emptied of onions. Did he suddenly remember that he
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Red Headed Woodpecker

Categories: Birds.

On May 18, 2008 we spotted a red headed woodpecker in the garden. This is a first time sighting in the garden for us. He flitted between several feeders and sampled them all. We were hoping for a return visit but didn’t spot it again.  It was another lens friend to check off our list.     While researching this bird, I discovered that the populations of the red headed woodpecker has declined 60% in Ontario in the past 20 years due to loss of habitat. The bird is now protected under the Migratory Bird Conservation Act. This is a
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Never Ending Cup of Tea

Categories: Craf-tea, Garden Projects, and Whimsy.

Here is another of my craf-tea ideas for using an old teapot, a cup and saucer and a piece of marble. The slabs of marble were a find from my husband. I’ve got green, pink and blue. The teapot and dish were given to be my a friend who knew I would come up with something creative for the garden. The cup and saucer were from a garage sale a long time ago. There were several that came in the set and the others have already been made into teacup feeders and planters. This was a simple project to put together using Craft
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Gazing Ball

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

Every garden deserves a bit of whimsy. I converted an old bowling ball into a gazing ball. This is a great trash to treasure idea. You can get old bowling balls from Freecycle groups, from the bowling alley, from thrift stores or garage sales.  Using glue such as Crafters Goop, Silicone II, or No More Nails I glued on those flat sided gems you can buy at dollar and craft stores. When it was completely dry the whole ball was grouted in a waterproof grout. After removing the extra grout and polishing the ball you have a wonderful gazing ball
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