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Who ever would of imagined that you could get lenses for your iphone?  A few months ago I read a review of one on the You Grow Girl blog.  So of course I followed the link trail (as opposed to the paper trail) and checked them out.   Such fascinating little gadgets.   I had to let my daughter and SIL know about them as they are very techno-minded.   Then I forgot about the lens.   Well, imagine my surprise when I opened one of my gifts from them to find one of these little lenses.  What fun I’ve
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The Squirrels

Categories: Lens Friends.

Squirrels – friends or foe? I think you either love or hate the squirrels.  I really don’t like them because they are always finding ways to get to the bird feeders to get the seed.  But I love the antics they get up to in the garden and it is lots of fun to watch them. The weather doesn’t put them off.  They have to eat just like any other animal. And a little snow makes the bird cake all the more tasty.  Squirrels make great lens friends. I’m sharing with Camera Critters It’s snowing again today, perhaps 5+cm to come.
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Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Categories: Crochet.

Many parts of the country have had lots of snow and will probably have a white Christmas.  In our part of Ontario we have only had a few flakes now and then so a white Christmas isn’t anticipated.   But you never can tell with Mother Nature.  There is still time. I’ve been busy creating my own little snowstorm for inside.  First I made some more of the plastic canvas snowflakes for the dogwood twig tree.  And then I became obsessed with crocheting some more snowflakes.   I saw patterns on other sites for small and large ones.  I did
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Printable – All Season Suet Recipe

Categories: Recipes.

recipe obtained from The Birdhouse when it was located in Wooler, Ontario, Canada -1 cup crunchy peanut butter-2 cups quick cook oatmeal-2 cups corn meal-1 cup lard (no substitutes allowed)-1 cup white flour-1/3 cup of sugar Melt the lard and peanut butter in the microwave and then stir in the other ingredients.When it is all mixed you can put it into containers that you purchase bird suet in, or you can roll it into balls for putting into mesh bags. Pop into freezer to solidify.  Keep in the freezer until ready to use.
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Christmas Village

Categories: Christmas and Collections.

Many years ago I started collecting  little ceramic houses with a Christmas theme.   Each year I display them in a different place … on the mantle, the china hutch, on top of the hutch or just on various tables around the room. I try to group them according to the type of house.  Some of them are little candles, some are decorated like houses made of candy, while others are snow covered chalet houses. The very first little houses were the 4 at the bottom of the above collage.  The roofs lift off and there are candles inside, which
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Twig Trees

Categories: Christmas, Garden Projects, and Nature Crafts.

Make some simple twig trees to add to a gift box or gift tag. You need some twigs from the garden that can be cut into sizes that will form a tree when laid out.   A star or decoration for the top is also needed. You could use a glue gun or white glue to fasten the tree to your tag or box or cardboard.   It depends how you will use the tree as to what it will go on to. I laid out the twigs on a piece of cardboard and thought it would make a nice door
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It’s Magic

Categories: Christmas.

Add some magic to your child’s or grandchild’s Christmas Eve by making some magic reindeer food and a magic key. Is your child or grandchild worried because they don’t have a chimney in their house? How will Santa get in to leave the gifts? With a magic Santa key of course. You can use any old key, but an old fashioned one if best.  Tie a big loop and a bow on it and attach the poem at the end of this post.  I’ve even seen the keys spray painted silver or gold and decorated. Legend has it that Santa
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Chilly for Chili

Categories: Recipes.

Today I made a pot of chili, which doesn’t really qualify for a Souper Sunday category but that’s okay. Today is a dull and overcast day with rain coming down.  The temperatures are about 7 Celsius but the rain just makes it feel damp, so some chili to combat the chilly day is called for. Chili is a great meal on a cold day.  I use about half a kilo (1 pound) of extra lean ground beef, a large can of diced tomatoes, a large can of red kidney beans, and a small can of tomato paste,  chili seasoning, sweet onion and
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City Reflections

Categories: Around Quinte, Down by the Bay, and Out and About.

About the middle of November we went for a walk down by the bay.  The waters were calm and just perfect for reflections. The first fabulous reflection is of The Anchorage, a condominium right on the waterfront.  This building is 35 years old and was built as an upscale high rise giving all windows a spectacular view of the bay. This photo gives a great view of the skyline of Belleville.  From right to left is the water tower, to St. Michaels church, to city hall, to 2 condominium towers on Front Street and over to the new Quinte consolidated
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