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K is for Kitchen Garden

Categories: Plants and Vegetables.

K is for Kitchen Garden. Every year I grow a big kitchen pot garden.  I’ve collected various large containers to grow my tomatoes, beans, peas, onions and potatoes in.  There is nothing so tasty as fresh veggies picked right from outside the kitchen door.     … lots of fresh beans … lettuce ready to add to a salad or a sandwich … fresh peas that are best eaten right out of the pod … lovely home grown potatoes … scarlet runner beans, a reminder of England … tomato plants with onions for companion plants … a delicious bowl of
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Blue River Store

Categories: British Columbia.

On our train journey home from Vancouver Island in November 2011 we saw so many fascinating sights and we took so many photos.   One of the places was the Blue River Store, which is said to be the oldest commercial building between Kamloops and the Rockies.  The store was pointed out to us while we were in the observation car and I was able to get a few photos of it as we approached and went by.  Oh how I would of loved to look inside. The store was built in 1912 and it is the dark building that
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Steller Jays

Categories: Birds and British Columbia.

We were fasciated to see many different varieties of birds on our trip to British Columbia in November 2011. The Steller Jay was a new siting for us, as we don’t get them here in Ontario.  Stellar jays are native to North America (west coast) and are related to the bluejays that frequent Ontario.  It is sometimes referred to as mountain jay or pine jay.  Stellar jays are sited mostly on Vancouver Island and on the southern mainland of the province. The noisy lens friends were captured from the balcony of the cottage where we stayed in Ucluelet on the
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Around the Rosy

Categories: Crochet.

I’ve been working on this baby blanket for a little while now.  It was finished a couple of weeks ago and I’ve finally taken some photos of it to share with you.   This pattern is called Around the Rosy and I’m sure you will like it if you check it out.  I’ve made all of the grandchildren round ripple blankets.  The boys had blue and white ones and the girls pink variegated ones.  I did change up the pattern a little bit and added the row of cluster stitches more frequently.  The original pattern only has 2 rows while
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The Bluejays

Categories: Birds.

The bluejays are year round visitors to our garden feeders.  They mainly feeds on nuts and seeds, and it prefers peanuts in our garden.  We have a couple of feeders set up just for the jays.  One is the mailbox feeder which you can see here.  These birds certainly let you know when they are arriving in the garden.  I’m not sure if the loud squawks are meant to scare of the smaller birds from the feeders or just to announce that they are there.
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January – The Fence Garden

Categories: Garden areas and The Garden 2013.

Do you ever have an idea that you think is brilliant, but it takes a long time for it to actually be put into action?  Last year I had a brilliant idea to take a photo of the same garden at approximately  the same time each month.  I would do the same this year and then be able to compare the results.  Here are the comparison photos for January 2012 and January 2013. I started with the fence garden.  This is a fenced garden that hides the 3 composters.  If you have read my old blog you might remember some
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My Brick Inuksuk

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

I have always loved to try and re-use items in the garden.  I had a lot of bricks that were once a path but as the garden changed the path was removed.  Plus it was a pain to keep the weeds out of, as they grew between the cracks.  So while stacking them to remove from the path I came up with this idea of making a brick inukshuk. I’ve had this in my gardens for several years now and always thought it was a form of an inuksuk. In fact I have nicknamed it Inuky. But a while ago
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