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Canada D’eh

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July 1 is Canada D’eh. I love the play on words for day.  Do you really think Can’eh’dians say eh a lot? It’s July 1st and the day that Canada celebrates its birthday. This year, 2013, Canada is 146 years old. Celebrations are held across the country, some grandiose and some small. One particular memory that stands out in my mind is from 2008 when we were taking the Via Canadian train across Canada to visit family in British Columbia.  We just happened to be on the train for Canada Day.  Celebrations on the train included a huge cake…  decorated
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Garden Under ‘Hosta’ge

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Just a little play on words … the gardens are under ‘hosta’ge.   The hostas are spreading and spreading and some have started to send up their flower spikes and one has even bloomed. I know the names of about 6 hostas.  I’m always doing research trying to find out names.   I get a suggestion and then check it out online and see some differences.  I’ve created my own naming system … green with white edges, green with cream edges, big dark green leaves, small light green leaves etc. This is the north facing garden that I call the
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A Family Walk

Categories: Down by the Bay.

On Monday morning we went for one of our walks down by the bay.  It seems it was a morning for family outings. Mother duck and her ducklings … … another group of ducklings … … a large flock of geese out walking by the parking lot We counted 6 geese (perhaps all moms) and about 35 young geese.  They had certainly found some tasty bits to eat from the grass. Heading back to the water after a snack. You can see it was a hazy morning.  The humidex reading was 42 Celsius (about 114 F for my non metric
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Ninebark Critters

Categories: Lens Friends.

The ninebark put on a lovely show of blooms this spring.  It is the third year for this bush in the front garden. I love it when I take photos and then discover more in the photo that originally noticed. I discovered some lens friends … this fly … … and this bug.  At first I thought this was a caterpillar but on closer examination I can see the front legs. More from The Gardener Side plants … seed info … veggies & herbs … bulbs, corms, tubers the gardens  … whimsy in the garden Have a look at some more of my lens friends photos. Connect: Bloglovin’ /  Contact form / Instagram /Subscribe
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The Fence Garden in June

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It’s that time of month to compare how the fence garden is growing.   During 2012 I took a photo about the same time each month and now I’m taking one each month during 2013. It is very interesting to see the comparison of plants, of the whimsy added to this area, and how much fence you can actually see. Here is the garden in June 2012.  It was an early start to the gardening season last year and things got off to a great start.  The heliopsis is nearly to the top of the fence.  There are some daisies
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The Arrival of Summer

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This week is the start of the summer season.  This week the weather is still changeable (for the better) …from pouring rain most of Sunday, to unexpected showers on Monday,  to warming up for the rest of the week.  The evening are still cooler (perfect for sleeping), about 5 or 6 Celsius when I get up in the morning. The corner pot garden is the view from the kitchen door.  The pansies are starting to fade a bit, but the 4 o’clocks are growing very quickly.  The green bottle has some bits and pieces of bleeding heart that were trimmed
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E for Evening Primrose

Categories: Plants.

Evening primrose, or Sundrop, is a lovely, quick spreading perennial plant for the garden.  My Oenothera is the yellow variety but it does come in other colours (pink, white).  It is not related to the primrose family of plants In large clumps they provide spectacular colour. from late June onwards. In the spring the new florets appear in the garden.  Who knew they would grow to be at least 35 cm or more tall? It quickly starts its upward growth and the leaves start to turn green. You can just see a bit of the first red leaves at the very
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W for Weigela

Categories: Plants.

The Red Prince Weigela has been in the garden for about 8 years now.  It has bloomed since first planted but in the past couple of years it has put on a spectacular show or red blooms. This is a spreading deciduous shrub with masses of red spring blooms and a surprise to follow. The lovely red buds promise blooms to come soon. And then comes the wonderful surprise of more blooms late in the summer.  I’ve noticed the spring blooms are more profuse. We have it planted on the north side of the house, but it is well away
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Gardening on the Up and Up

Categories: Whimsy.

It is pouring of rain today, so what a great opportunity to sort through photos that I took over the past 2 days … that were perfect weather days for being outside. My gardening is on the up and up … with tipsy pots and buckets and ladder planters. My tipsy pots and buckets have been doing really well this year, probably from the rain that is making them grow and grow.       The tipsy buckets, first year for this up and up gardening, was planted with petunias, some creeping jenny and some wandering jew in the south
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