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Amazing Graze

Categories: Out and About.

On a wonderful weekend, the last one in September, we went to visit the Amazing Graze alpaca farm in Stirling.  They have farm days and an open house 3 or 4 times a year.  If you have never had the chance to visit alpacas you should see if there is a farm near you or if you are in my area stop by and visit the farm in Stirling.  If you can’t visit in person, be sure to check out the website where you can see photos and lots of info on these animals.
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The Praying Mantis

Categories: Macro.

The weather has been glorious this week … chilly morning but fantastic afternoon.   We’ve been doing lots of clean up outside, but I hate to start putting things away when it is so nice out, but I also know it has to be done as the weather can change so quickly.  Looking carefully we discovered a praying mantis, first on the downspout and then on the garden bench.  That was the clue for me to turn the camera on and get to the macro settings. The praying mantis is named for the two front legs that sometimes appear to
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A Quick Pressing Engagement

Categories: Books and Garden Projects.

Every gardener should have a flower press to preserve the beauty of their flowers and leaves.  I shared my traditional flower press awhile ago, one my husband made from wood. I also tried out a microwave flower press (an idea from the book below) To make a microwave flower press, cut two pieces of thick cardboard – about 10 inches square – but the actual size will depend on the dimensions of your microwave. You also need sheets of newsprint the same size, and wide elastic bands. You can’t fit the larger leaves or many flowers into this press, so
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Heading into Fall with the Fence Garden

Categories: Eye on the Sky, Garden areas, and The Garden 2013.

Here we are heading into Fall.  We have been spending time getting the gardens ready for winter by trimming, moving, adjusting and more.  It is also time to compare the fence garden from last year and this year. We continue to work behind the scenes on the fence garden … emptying the composters.  There is a possibility that a new garden shed might go behind the fence, but then again it might go into a totally different spot. Here is the fence garden in September 2012.  Looks like I had cut everything back already and thinned out a few things.
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The Gathering is Beginning

Categories: Organization, Seeds, and The Garden 2013.

September arrived with some cooler weather and some thunderstorms and heavy rain.  You can feel the Fall weather heading our way. It is that time of year when I start to leave some blooms on the plants and let them go to seed.  Some fading blooms are left on the plant as they add some height and interest to the gardens in winter, plus the birds, especially the goldfinches enjoy snacking on the seed heads.  But I’m also a gatherer of seeds so that I can enjoy the beauty of the flowers the next garden season.   So out came the
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