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Can You Have Too Much ‘Purse’onality?

Categories: Crochet.

I finished this bag in greys, white and black awhile ago. I love crochet bags and I now have quite a collection.  It seems when ever I want to use up yarn I end up making another bag. This pattern is for a bag made out of granny squares a few years ago.  It’s called Inga’s crocheted bag.  I just tweaked it a bit and took out the squares that formed the bottom.  In total you need 13 granny squares and then some yarn to join them together and made the straps.  It is great for using up odd bits and
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Tuckered Out Reindeer Pattern

Categories: Patterns.

  A tuckered out reindeer shared on  Materials : -4 brown pom poms (2 inch diameter) for the body, -4 brown pom poms (1 inch diameter) for the feet, -1 red pom pom about half inch to an inch for the nose – small white pop pom is needed for the tail -googly eyes always add character to projects and if you can get brown ones that is great, if not the regular white ones are good too. -brown felt is also needed for the hooves ears, antlers and tail cover.                
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