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Categories: Plants and Seeds.

Canna or Canna Lily is the common name attached to a large group of hybrid plants in the genus Canna, in the family Cannaceae.  Canna is a Latin word meaning a type of read.  This is a wonderful plant to grow in many different varieties.  In my Canadian zone 5 b garden canna is an annual.
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Feeders Around the Garden

Categories: Birds.

We have quite a collection of different feeders in the garden and we keep them filled all year round … probably at least 18.  The feathered lens friend that visit are our reward for doing this. This was a new feeder last summer and it really attracts the birds.  It has 2 sides with different mesh coverings. As well as landing on the perches the little chickadees and finches will cling to the mesh.  The cardinal will also come to this feeder. The cardinals other favourite feeder is right beside it with safflower seed.  The cardinal prefers to sit on
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Quick and Easy Cup Cozy

Categories: Craf-tea and Crochet.

I’ve been craf-tea with this little pattern … actually I was craf-tea before Christmas but just never got around to sharing it. It just took a little bit of time and a little bit of yarn to make up this cup cozy.  Recently the coffee/donut shop here in Canada started using these brown paper cup cozies on their cups of tea. If you have even had tea from one of these stores you know that it is extremely hot, hot, hot.  They used to give a second cup automatically but with recent changes to their menu they only give a
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The Need to Keep Warm

Categories: Knitting.

We have been experiencing bitterly cold weather … days when it has been -35 Celsius including the wind chill factor.  My collection of scarves, handmade, gifted, and purchased, has been put to very good use. I’ve also been knitting a new one called Fishtail Lace Scarf, a free pattern from Knit Picks, in my favourite colour of green. I’m using some gorgeous soft Alpaca yarn that I purchased when we visited the Amazing Graze Alpaca farm.  The yarn is spun right there at the farm and even labelled with the names of the alpacas … well the first 2 letters
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