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The PVC Twirler

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

I’ve had a pvc garden twirler or whirligig or wind spinner for many years.  It was purchased on a camping trip from another camper who made various spinners to hang on the awnings of your trailer.   I love the motion of the spinners and had to have one of my own.  I decided that I wanted another of these for the garden and set about to make my own. I made this through trial and error while comparing it to the old one I had.  You have to keep adjusting the angles till you get it right.  I’m not
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S for Shoofly

Categories: Plants and Seeds.

S for Shoofly …  or Nicandra physalodes … or better known as Apple of Peru. This annual plant, a member of the Solanaceae (nightshade) family,  prefers full sun and moist soil.   It is a native of South America.  the plant can grow to be large and bushy.  The blooms are bell shaped and usually mauve and white.  The blooms can repel bugs, hence the shoo fly name.
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Canada Blooms 2014

Categories: Ontario and Through My Lens.

Spring is slow coming to us so we went in search of spring at Canada Blooms.  This is the annual garden and flower show held in Toronto at the Direct Energy Center.  On a dull and rainy day we boarded a bus headed for spring!  No worries about driving, the closure on the DVP (Don Valley Parkway), the poor visibility from the pouring rain coming home.  We sat back and enjoyed the drive on a McCoy bus.  The show ran from March 14 to 23 this year.  The National Home Show was also on at the same time, so there
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R for Robins

Categories: Birds.

We always await the return of the robins … a sure sign that spring is on the way.  Spring arrived on March 20, 2014 this year but we all know that the first day of spring isn’t always the first spring day.  We long for the warmth of the sun, the growth in the garden and the chirping of the robins.
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Stitching Little Felt Birds

Categories: Sewing.

Over the winter months I’ve been having fun stitching little felt birds.  It all started with a monthly challenge at Creative Cain Cabin and Mockingbird Hill with their felt critters.  It was fun to use felt and embroidery thread and stitch these critters so I started looking for other patterns. I found a great site called Bugs and Fishes and 2 cute patterns for blackbirds.  The male blackbird has sequins on his wing and some top stitching but it is very hard to see in the photo. Then I found Susan’s Down East Thunder Farm and her amazing collection of
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Staying Warm With a Project

Categories: Crochet.

I was in no rush to finish off this afghan over the cold winter months as it was keeping me warm all the while I was working on it.   I purchased the yarn before Christmas with a coupon for 30% off your whole purchase at Michael’s.  I just love savings like that.  I had a project in mind for awhile using a pattern I had found on another craft site. I got the pattern from Not Your Average Crochet who was inspired by an afghan at Little Woollie.  It was originally a CAL (crochet along) but I just worked
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Soft and Cozy

Categories: Garden Projects.

The birds are busy making nests and I like to help them make them more soft and cozy.  I save all the little bit of yarn that I snip off when finishing a project and fill a suet container with them.  You can also add some dryer lint as it is so nice and soft.  It’s time to get this out hanging on the trees for the birds to find.
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