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A New Shape With Each Turn

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

The new pvc pipe twirler was added to the garden awhile ago.  If you want to make one you can find the directions in this post.  The old one was painted yellow and the new one was painted a light orange.  I wanted them both to be visible against the green foliage in the garden. The slightest breeze will start them moving and with each turn a new shape is visible … from rectangles, to triangles, to stars and more. The new twirler hangs on one of the back poplar trees.  Can you spot it just above the G in
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Prosperity Acres

Categories: Through My Lens.

One of our favourite things to do at this time of the year is to visit garden centres and see all the wonderful plants waiting for new gardens to grow in.  While the big box stores have their version of garden centres we prefer to visit the locally owned ones.  I find the quality of the plants is much better than big commercial centres.  Prosperity Acres is not far from where I live.
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On and Below the Feeders

Categories: Birds.

There is always lots of activity at the feeders in the garden.  This past week we’ve seen the black crowned sparrows, doves, cardinals, grosbeaks and more.  The hummingbirds and orioles have been flitting in and out but I haven’t captured photos of the hummer yet.  It always seems to appear when I’ve got my hands dirty and full of something besides the camera.
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Parrots in the Garden

Categories: Macro and Plants.

I’ve got parrots in the garden … not real parrots because we don’t live in the right climate … but parrot tulips.  Parrot tulips are known for their colourful, curly, fringed petals that perhaps resemble parrot feathers.  They have gorgeous colour combinations.  These are the tulips that I grew in pots this year and I have been really pleased with the results. Enjoy!    The buds are like parrot beaks and that is where their name comes from. Do you have any parrot tulips in your garden? some of my other macro photos.  More from The Gardener Side plants … seed info … veggies & herbs … bulbs,
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The Garden Workbench

Categories: Garden Projects.

I love my garden workbench that was made from recycled deck boards and supports.  It originally sat on the other side of the deck and was in full sun.  It was made from wood from the pool deck that was dismantled when the pool was taken down.  The rest of the deck was replaced two years ago and during the building of it the workbench was put into the garage.  Finally in the spring of this year the work bench was moved back outside to the other side of the deck.
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