WaterDots for Planters

WaterDots for Planters

Recently I was the lucky winner of a bag of WaterDots from Judith at Lavender Cottage.  This is a new product that you use in your planters to help stop them from drying out quickly.

WaterDots are made by a Canadian company and you can find all the information on their website.  They hold 10 times their weight in water and keep the soil hydrated.

WaterDots for adding to planters to help retain moisture

Be sure to follow the instructions on the package for optimal use.

WaterDots help retain moisture in your planters

First you soak them in water.  Then you mix them in with the soil at the bottom of your pots.  I divided my bagful between 2 medium pots and 1 small pot.

some cosmos and zinnia transplants

In one pot I transplanted some cosmos and zinnia seedlings using my favourite transplant tool … an old fork.

gerbera daisies

Another pot has some gerbera daisies from Prosperity Acres.  Jenn tells me that this plant will do well in a clay pot as it likes a bit dryer conditions.  I’m hoping the WaterDots will help the pot stay a bit more moist.

a strawberry pot filled with hens & chicks from the gardener side of craftygardener.ca

The strawberry planter got some new hens & chicks.  I’ve tried some other plants in this planter before with little success.  As I do with all my clay pots I sit them in a tray of water so they absorb the moisture.  Usually I do this before planting but forgot to do it with this pot.

If you would like to try some of these WaterDots be sure to check out their website.

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A Spanner in the Works

A Spanner in the Works

The Old Toolbox Planter

One of my sayings is “If it can hold dirt, you can plant in it.”  and I’m always looking for different things to plant in.   During a clean out of the basement tool bench I came across this old metal blue tool box. Continue reading “A Spanner in the Works”

Cross That Bridge …

Cross That Bridge …

… when you come to it.

Years ago a bridge was made out of recycled deck wood and it was a great bridge for crossing over the run off stream at the back of the garden.
But like anything else, over time, the wood deteriorated until it wasn’t safe to use any more.

It wasn’t a huge bridge but big enough for pushing the lawn mover over to get to the back area.  You can see how the planks on the bottom were rotting.  An old wooden gate was laid across it as a temporary fix.  The gate was in pretty good shape and I’ve got plans for it!


The bridge replacement has been on the job list for a couple of years and finally this year it couldn’t wait any longer.  In fact a couple of years ago our grandson drew us a plan for the new bridge.  He was around 4 at the time.  Do you think we followed the plan?


When the old gate was lifted off it looked just awful.  Just a few bangs with the hammer started it crumbling away.

A couple of huge 12 foot long railway ties formed the span over the ditch.   Planks were screwed on and finally there is a safe way to cross over to the back.

The new bridge is wider so that a garden tractor can drive over it.  No railings have been added yet, and we aren’t sure if we will add them or not.  We’ll have to use it out a few times to make that decision.  A few finishing touches were added … an angled piece at the front (not shown) so the mower or tractor gets on the bridge easily, and a ramp off on the other side.


Now we can cross that bridge when we come to it!

The whole project took two days and now we are wondering why it took so long to get around to this project.

The next project is a shed … that has only been on the list for a year!!!

Do you have jobs on the to do list that seem to stay there forever?

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