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WaterDots for Planters

Categories: Container Gardening.

Recently I was the lucky winner of a bag of WaterDots from Judith at Lavender Cottage.  This is a new product that you use in your planters to help stop them from drying out quickly. WaterDots are made by a Canadian company and you can find all the information on their website.  They hold 10 times their weight in water and keep the soil hydrated. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package for optimal use. First you soak them in water.  Then you mix them in with the soil at the bottom of your pots.  I divided my bagful
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It Paid Off!

Categories: Plants.

I love it when an experiment works.  Earlier in May I shared photos of a fuchsia that I had over wintered.  Since all chance of frost vanished the fuchsia has been outside in the gazebo.  It has been thrilling to watch it grow and develop.  I just might have blooms in a little while.
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Cross That Bridge …

Categories: Garden Projects.

 … when you come to it. Years ago a bridge was made out of recycled deck wood and it was a great bridge for crossing over the run off stream at the back of the garden. But like anything else, over time, the wood deteriorated until it wasn’t safe to use any more.    It wasn’t a huge bridge but big enough for pushing the lawn mover over to get to the back area.  You can see how the planks on the bottom were rotting.  An old wooden gate was laid across it as a temporary fix.  The gate was
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It’s “Bean” a Lilac Bush …

Categories: Vegetables and Whimsy.

… and now it’s a bottle tree bean support!   One of the lilac bushes didn’t survive the winter and even though I talked nicely to it, trimmed off some broken bits it still didn’t give off any buds.  So a couple of weeks ago I decided to trim it right back and try to use the trunk and branches for something else.  I’ve seen bottle trees at various sites on the internet so wondered if it could be converted into one of those.  But then I needed to find a place for the pole beans to climb up …
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