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The Scent of Lavender

Categories: Down by the Bay and Out and About.

While enjoying a lovely walk down by the bay last Sunday we came across a huge bed of lavender.  I was a bit surprised that it was all still blooming and what a wonderful scent it had.  I knew I had to take lots and lots of photos to use for Mosaic Monday, as Judith, the organizer, just loves lavender.
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Hanging up the Towel

Categories: Crochet.

With the renovation in my kitchen complete I don’t seem to have a place to put up a towel rack for drying tea towels, except for hanging them over the oven handle.  So I dug through the craft cupboard and found a holder for towels I had made a few years ago.  It fastens over the handles on the drawers and easily holds the towel. Not that I want towels hanging all over the kitchen, but just for a short while after drying the dishes.  In the nice weather I have a make do line on the railing of the
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New Life for an Old Birdcage

Categories: Container Gardening, Garden Projects, and Succulents.

I’ve had an old birdcage collecting dust in the garage for ages and ages.  At the beginning of the season I dusted it off and decided to give it some new life as a planter.  In a quick fix I just added a pot of petunias, but knew that wasn’t what I really wanted to do with it.
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Some are Fading, Some are Blooming,

Categories: The Garden 2014.

It’s that time of year in the gardening season when some plants are still blooming and many are fading away … some faster than others.  The Fall blooms are appearing … sedum, mums, wild asters, garlic chives.  The weather has been beautiful for the beginning of September … sunny, bright, a little bit of rain, cooler evenings, less humidity.
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