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Create some Cute Little Trees

Categories: Christmas and Kid's Crafts.

It’s the season to think about decorating.  Here are some cute little trees that are quick and easy to create.  These crafts a good for making with the kids and grandkids. Some of them have links to previous posts with a bit more detailed instructions.  They are all plain and simple. The first is a nice simple stitching project using green yarn, plastic canvas and sequins.  Using 7 count plastic canvas cut a piece 17 holes by 26 holes and then cut out the pattern below.  Stitch the base in brown or all green as I did, and stitch the star
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Pots Filled with Winter Greenery

Categories: Garden Projects.

My bit of gardening in November has been completed with the filling of the large pots with greenery from Nature.  That does count as gardening doesn’t it? I started filling the big pots many years ago when it wasn’t the popular thing to do and you can see some of the previous years containers here.   But since then the idea has caught on and grown and a lot of stores sell ready made pots if you don’t want to fill your own. I get my greenery from different places … the gardens, the road sides, on walks, and this year I
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The Ripples and Stripes

Categories: Crochet.

At this time of the year is is so nice to wrap an afghan around yourself and just relax.  Another afghan pattern I love to make is the ripple effect. I’ve made quite a few of these for myself, family and friends.  You can choose to make the ripple as high and wide as you want by the number of stitches before the increase.  These are a few of the ripples and stripes I’ve made. To start out make the chain as long as you want the afghan to be wide.  Make it in multiples of 5 plus 7 extra
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Dishcloth Britches

Categories: Knitting.

I recently have been knitting dishcloths.  The simple pattern is one that I use whenever I don’t have other projects on the go. I like to keep a stack of dishcloths for my use and to give as little gifts. This year I decided to make some up as dishcloth britches!  This is a favourite seller at church bazaars and craft sales.  You just need 2 square knitted dishcloths and some thin ribbon or yarn for fastening them together. This is the pattern I use for knitted dishcloths.  If you want a bigger cloth just add more than 40 stitches.  The
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