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Keeping My Ears Warm

Categories: Crochet.

We’ve been having some really, really cold weather so far in January so I used up some of my yarn to make some warm cozy headbands to keep my ears warm. I just hate wearing hats but during this cold spell it is important to keep my ears warm.  On extremely cold days when I’m outside for long periods of time shovelling or walking I do break down and wear a hat I made last year. Awhile ago I won a head wrap from Nicola Knits and I really loved it, so I hunted down the pattern and made a couple more.
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Printable Recipe – Sausage and Bean Soup

Categories: Recipes.

With the print friendly option you can choose how many of these images you want to print, just mouse over for the option to delete. Sausage and Bean Soup from Ingredients:-1 lb. of sausage (you can use whatever type you like depending on how spicy you like your soup) -half cup of chopped celery -quarter cup of chopped onion -mushrooms, the recipe calls for a can of mushrooms but I prefer to use fresh -two cans of baked beans -1 can of kidney beans -one large can of chopped tomatoes -two cups of tomato juice -1 tsp chili powder
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