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How to Transfer a Photo to Wood

Categories: Crafty's Projects and Nature Crafts.

 Are you on the look out for a different craft ideas to try?  I am and I came across how to transfer an inkjet printed photo to a piece of wood.  You know I had to try this idea and I know you will want to try it too. You need wax paper or parchment paper, inkjet printer, tape, credit card or rigid plastic, and a piece of wood.  Wax paper on its own is flimsy so you need to fasten it to regular paper.  Parchment paper is thicker but you would have to cut it down to the actual paper size.
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Building the Bug Flats

Categories: Garden Projects.

What do you do with some old wood, old bits of trees, and old bricks?  Why you build a block of flats of course.  The Bug Flats are now under construction and there will be free accommodation for all sorts of bugs and insects that wish a new home. I can always count on finding twigs, branches, old wood and bricks in various spots in the garden.  I bet you have those out of the way spots too where you toss odd bits of things thinking they can certainly be used for something at some time or other. I’ve had this
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Six Layer Rhubarb Cake

Categories: Recipes.

The rhubarb has really been growing over the past couple of weeks and it was time to do some delicious baking with it.  I’m not a pie maker but do make cakes, muffins and crumble. This is the rhubarb garden in April of this year.  The plant was moved here beside the workbench and the plant tables in the Fall of 2014. Here is the growth on the rhubarb by May 20, 2015.  It is ready for picking and baking. For this rhubarb cake you need a white cake mix, miniature marshmallows, a box of strawberry jello, sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon
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