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How to Make a Half Coconut Feeder

Categories: Birds and Garden Projects.

You can turn a coconut into a feeder with a few simple steps. This is the second style of coconut feeder we’ve made for the garden. The birds love them filled with homemade suet. After buying your coconut, drill a hole in the bottom to drain out the milk.  Then cut the coconut in half and remove the coconut meat.  You are left with 2 halves of the shell.  A drainage hole was added into the other half and both were fastened onto a piece of wood. I fill these halves with the homemade all season suet recipe and pop
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Make Festive Envelopes

Categories: Christmas.

The holiday season is fast approaching.  Giving something homemade makes it a bit more special. It is almost that time of year to send our Christmas cards and instead of those plain envelopes that come with purchased cards why not create some festive ones. You need an envelope template, some  labels, glue and some festive paper.  If you are using homemade cards be sure to get an envelope that fits the card.  Start by carefully taking apart the plain white envelope. Choose some colourful wrapping paper and trace the template with a pencil.  Cut out carefully.  I make sure to choose
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Winter Greenery for the Pots

Categories: Container Gardening.

  It has been that time of year … fill the empty pots and containers with greenery to add interest for the winter.   I did things a bit differently this year and didn’t fill the two biggest pots because of their location.  One is right beside the driveway and gets covered in snow from the snow blower.  The other in on the north corner and gets filled in with the blowing snow. By the garage the wire baskets were replaced with metal hanging hooks so that meant a bit of a change in what goes there.  I took two
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Christmas Tea

Categories: Christmas, Craf-tea, and Sewing.

Crafty is being craf-tea. When it comes time to mail out your Christmas cards,  why not include a cup of Christmas tea to share with your family and friends that are far away. This is a simple, sewing craft  to send some holiday cheer.  This takes up very little space inside the card and usually doesn’t add to the cost of the postage. Take one of your favourite tea bags. My favourite is Stash tea as it comes individually wrapped and fits so nicely into my tea chest.  You can buy many varieties of Christmas tea, which usually come 18 or
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Time to Make Some Suet

Categories: Birds.

The cooler weather is approaching, probably more rapidly than we will admit.  So far the beginning of November has been amazing with temperatures well into the mid teens in the afternoons.  But to be prepared for the temperature changes it’s time to start making my homemade suet for the feeders. My favourite recipe for all season suet came from our favourite bird store, The Birdhouse in Wooler, Ontario.  It uses cornmeal, peanut butter, oatmeal, flour, sugar, and lard.  Check out the recipe for the correct amounts.   Once made I put some of it into the coconut feeders. Last year
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