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Making a Pinecone Feeder

Categories: Birds, Garden Projects, and Nature Crafts.

Here is a quick and easy bird feeder for the kids and grandkids to make. You need a pinecone, string, lard, peanut butter, and some bird seed.  The bigger the pinecone the better as you will be able to get more food all over it. This is a good way to use up those not so perfect pinecones you collected.  Tie the string, I use butcher cord, around each pinecone and knot tightly.  Be sure to use a longer piece of string so that it can be joined at the end to form a loop to hang over the tree
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Festive Tea Bags

Categories: Christmas and Craf-tea.

~ Cookie cutters aren’t just for making cookies.  I used them as a template to make festive tea bags.  These little gifts can be tucked inside a greeting card to send a cup of cheer to the recipient. You need the flat coffee filters that can be bought at dollar stores, some of your favourite loose tea, cookie cutters for templates and your sewing machine.  Be sure the cookie cutters are medium sized ones.  If they are too small, as the tree one in the picture was, it makes it difficult to get the tea inside.  I ended up folding the filter and
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Little Bird Feeder Ornaments

Categories: Christmas and Plastic Canvas.

Nature related ornaments are lovely to hang on the tree.  Several years ago when I was in a plastic canvas crafting mode I made some little bird feeder ornaments.I got them out a few days ago to hang on the tree and thought I would post a little tutorial how to make them.  I’m not sure how many people still stitch on plastic canvas.  It certainly isn’t as popular a stitching craft as crochet, knitting, and cross stitch. You start with 7 count plastic canvas which can be bought at crafts stores such as Michaels and even at dollar stores.
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Everything is ‘Tree’mendous

Categories: Christmas.

It’s that time of year when the house is looking ‘tree’mendous.I love trees, lots of them, perhaps because it gives the illusion of outside throughout the house. Enjoying the pleasures that the backyard birds bring to our days, I created my own inside bird tree last year and have the tree up again this year.  We don’t have a huge entry hall, in fact it feels so much smaller when more than 2 people arrive at the same time.  There is a small space in the corner that I like to make use of.  We have an old artificial tree
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A Candle Centerpiece

Categories: Christmas and Garden Projects.

While searching through the craft closet for something I came across some wicker plate holders.  This reminded me of a craft I had made with the girls when they were young. The wicker plates were used as the base of a candle centerpiece using pinecones, greenery and a candle.  These make nice hostess gifts, teacher gifts, or last minute gifts for someone you may have left off your list.  This isn’t an expensive craft, just the cost of the candle (around a $1 from those wonderful dollar stores) and the cost of the wicker plates. The wicker plates were bought
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