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How Do Bottomless Pots Work?

Categories: Garden Projects and Vegetables.

How do you grow plants in the garden where the soil is so compacted or rocky that it is hard to grow anything there? I tried using bottomless pots like mini raised gardens which allowed me to fill the pot with good soil but gives the plants the opportunity to put the roots down as far as they want. And I didn’t have to dig the hard, compacted soil. Growing in smaller pots makes the plant root bound, but in a bottomless pot the roots can grow down and down and down.  And I’m making use of all those big, black plastic pots that
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Knitting and Crochet Stitch Markers

Categories: Crochet and Knitting.

Everyone loves some jewelry to brighten up the day, so why not have some jewelry for your knitting and crochet. Stitch markers can be an important little tool when following along in a pattern. They are used to mark a place on your knitting row where something different is about to happen … maybe an increase, maybe a decrease, maybe the start of a different stitch or the start of a pattern repeat. Knitting stitch markers slip onto your needle while crochet stitch markers hook onto a stitch.  For the above stitch markers I used 26 gauge wire and some split
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