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Little Pot Handle Hats

Categories: Crochet.

Quite awhile ago a friend asked me to make some little hats, the kind that fit over the handle of a pot or a casserole.  She gave me one from her mom from years ago and I fiddled with it and came up with a pattern.  These make great little stocking stuffers, novelty gifts, or bazaar items. This is a great little stash busting project and you can use worsted weight or cotton weight yarn. 4 mm crochet hook.  I’ve found that cotton yarn makes up tighter than worsted weight yarn.  For a slightly bigger pot hat you could increase the
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Categories: Birds, British Columbia, and Lens Friends.

One of the shore birds we saw while walking the beaches in September in British Columbia was the sandpiper.  At first I thought these are the least sandpipers as they were fairly small, but they could be sanderlings which also look very similar.  There are about 20 species and identification can be a challenge.
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