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Going Round in Circles

Categories: Crochet.

The idea had been mulling around in my mind for ages, time to think outside of the box (or square) and get into the round. I’ve been making crochet circles of different shapes and I’ve put them all together into my latest ‘purse’onality project. The rest of my crochet bags are either made with granny squares or stripes, so it was time for a change.  My bags are always lined, done at the end of the project.  This time I made the bag backwards, starting with the lining and the crochet strip that would hold it all together. This was
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A Crochet Needlecase

Categories: Crochet and Sewing.

Here’s how I made a crochet needle case that resembles a little hat.  I received my original one many years ago as a gift one Christmas from a student.  It has had many years of use. It’s a great little project to use up some odds and ends from the yarn stash.  You also need a small amount of felt and a thimble.  It’s also a great project if you sell at craft sales or bazaars. The original one is about 11 cm. across but the edges are curling after lots of use.  But the curl makes it more like
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