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Repurpose the Old Vinyl

Categories: Crafty's Projects and Organization.

  Vinyl records are making a comeback and many folks are getting new turntables and investing in vinyl once again.   We have an awful lot of old records from my parents and from my teenage years.  We might think they are all valuable but most aren’t.  Here is an idea to repurpose some of those records that might be scratched, a bit warped or duplicates. Here is how we made a stand out of a small piece of wood and some old vinyl records. You need 2 records (33 speed) and a piece of suitable sized wood.  The records
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Seedy or Potty?

Categories: The Garden 2017.

    September has arrived with cooler mornings and evenings as summer winds down for the last 20 or so days.  It’s that time in the garden when gardeners go potty or seedy! The pots of plants are coming to an end and most of mine are getting emptied and stored.  The veggie pot garden has finished and the last of the plants have been pulled and composted.  We had a wonderful harvest of rhubarb, tomatoes, peas, beans, radishes, lettuce and potatoes.  Now it’s time to get seedy … and gather seeds from various plants in the garden. Seeds and
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Fluttering Wings

Categories: Lens Friends.

Butterflies are delicate critters that flit from flower to flower in the garden.  Capturing them with the camera can be a challenge. The black swallowtail was seen in the spring when the lilacs were in bloom. The tiger swallowtail was found resting on the deck rail one day. A giant swallowtail was really enjoying the purple obedient plants just recently. A few years ago I discovered this mourning cloak butterfly by one of my hummingbird feeders which is close to a trellis where the clematis and honeysuckle vine grow. I think it had just emerged as it sat for a
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Stacked Squares Scarf

Categories: Crochet.

  I recently tested a pattern for Amy of lovemademyhome.  It was a great little pattern to crochet and consisted of two rows, so once you remembered that you could crochet away while watching tv and not have to keep referring back to the pattern. I love having different scarves for the winter and this one was crocheted with a soft yarn and it will fit nicely under the collar of my winter coat.  The pattern that Amy made used 175 rows which made the scarf much longer than I wanted.  The joy of this pattern is you can make
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