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Plant Markers That Last

Categories: Garden Projects and Organization.

I bet you are like me and think you have a great memory and will remember where you planted everything.  Well, you just might remember for a day or two, but after you have planted several things I bet you start to forget what is where. Using plant markers is a fun and educational way to share the names of your garden plants   You can add common and botanical names and any other info you want.  But best of all, this helps you remember where you have planted seeds and bulbs.  There are many types of commercial plant markers
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Egyptian Walking Onions

Categories: The Garden 2018 and Vegetables.

~ Egyptian walking onions, also called tree onions, perennial onions, winter onions, or just walking onions belong to the allium genus.  They prefer growing in full sun, are extremely hardy and easy to grow.  I find these onions are fascinating to grow in the garden. They are one of the first plants to poke through the ground in the spring.  At the top of each stem a small bulb starts to grow. From this develops the onion for next year. When the plant gets top heavy the stem bends over and the little onions plant themselves into the ground. After several
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The Nuthatches

Categories: Birds.

We just love watching the various birds that visit the backyard feeders.  Most of the feeders are set up so they are within good viewing distance of the windows. The cameras are always ready to capture the birds through our lenses.   We are getting much better at identification but the birding books are always close at hand.  We’ve learned to look at beaks, eye markings, belly colours, tail lengths and more. Nuthatches, sometimes called the upside down birds, are the birds that go down the tree head first.   There are 2 varieties of nuthatch … the white breasted
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Green ‘Purse’onality

Categories: Crochet.

I love tote bags and I love to make tote bags.  I found this cute pattern for a bag made out of granny squares a few years ago. It is great for using up odd bits and pieces of yarn.  It’s called Inga’s crocheted bag.  I just tweaked it a bit and took out the squares that formed the bottom. This one is in my favourite colour of green, with a green stripe material for the lining.  These bags are totally washable and fall right back into shape with just a quick iron. In total, for my pattern, you need 13 granny
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Common and Hooded Mergansers

Categories: British Columbia and Out and About.

~ Ducks are usually so obliging when you want to take photographs unless they decide to dive under the water as you click the shutter button or they turn their head just when you think you have the perfect shot or they are a long way out of range or the lighting isn’t quite right and the photos come out dark.  Well okay, maybe they aren’t so obliging after all. I’m lucky to have a few good photos of the common merganser and the hooded merganser.  Some are from out trips to British Columbia and some are from local spots like
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