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Stained Glass CD

Categories: Crafty's Projects and Whimsy.

~ Turn an old cd into a stained glass decoration. Here is another project I am working on.  Take the old cds you have and start to strip off the shiny part.  You score it just a little bit and then use some wide sticky tape, the stickier the better.  Press the tape onto the shiny part and then pull quickly, and presto the shiny part starts to come off.  Do it over and over until you are left with a clear disc. Trace the cd onto white paper, two per page.  Draw your design.  I did mine freehand so
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Knitting Needle Flowers

Categories: Crafty's Projects, Crochet, and Organization.

~ I was inspired by someone I follow on Instagram to make some knitting needle flowers.  On a really hot and humid afternoon when it was far too uncomfortable to be outside I got out my little left over balls of yarn and my 4 mm crochet hook and made 8 little flowers.  Thanks eighbysix for the inspiration. The pattern I used was sort of my own but after looking around I found others had made similar flowers. Start with a chain of 4 and slip stitch to join the chain. Chain 2 and then do 11 hdc in the
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CD Starburst

Categories: Crafty's Projects and Garden Projects.

~ This cd starburst reminds me so much of the clocks from the 1960’s.  It was another great project shared with us by Gail at Creative Crafting.  You need 2 cds, some bbq skewers, paint, items to embellish, paint, and a glue gun. The first thing to do is trace the cd onto paper and then add the spoked, making sure you cross the centre point each time. Lay one cd onto the grid.  The long bbq skewers were painted black (thanks Heather) and then laid onto the lines.  I used shorted sticks that I had painted a turquoise colour
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Mandala Rocks

Categories: Crafty's Projects, Garden Projects, and Rocks.

~ At one of my weekly Creative Crafting sessions we painted mandala rocks.  I had done several of these myself previously, nothing fancy just some practice rocks which I’ll take and hide on one of our daycations at different beaches. Gail, our instructor, had collected the rocks for us and had a collection of things for making the dots.  I already had a collection of things and you don’t need any special tools for this project.  You can use the ends of pencils, paint brushes, knitting needles, toothpicks and so much more.  Some of my favourite things are nails with
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Wicklow Beach

Categories: Out and About.

~ A day out at Wicklow Beach towards the end of June was amazing.  This beach is a lovely, long stretch of water and shore, mostly rocky. It was a clear, calm day with hardly any visitors to the beach. Just walking beside the water and listening to it lap onto the shore is so peaceful. The rocks are lovely and flat on both sides and perfect for stacking or skipping into the water. These lovely flat rocks would also be perfect for mandala painting or other types of rock painting. One of my projects this year is based on
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