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Braided Wire Coat Hangers

Categories: Coat Hanger Crafts and Crafty's Projects.

~ Old crafts are becoming popular again. Do you remember the old craft of braiding long strips to make a cover for a wire coat hanger?  The original material was Nylotex or Phentex, a stretchy, nylon material. I’m not available in stores, but it does turn up in thrift stores from time to time.  You could use long strips of material or even extra wide ribbon. This has proved to be one of the most popular posts on my site … an old craft that is becoming popular again.  I have a pattern available to print that is my version of
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Predict the Weather

Categories: Crafty's Projects, Garden Projects, Rocks, and Whimsy.

~ Wouldn’t it be nice if we could predict the weather? You could customize it to fit your plans for the day.   Unfortunately we can’t and have to take the weather as it comes.  But I have a couple of fun ways that you can tell what the weather is like.   Make one of these simple crafts and hang it outside near a window.  Then just before you are ready to go out, have a peek and you will know what the weather is like.  I usually check The Weather Network for the current weather to get the
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How to Make a Rake Wreath

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

~ Goodbye summer, hello Autumn. Where does the time go?   Autumn is a wonderful season of colours, sights, smells and tastes.  I’m not really a big decorator for seasons but will be putting up a wreath or two.  It is time to get out the Autumn wreath made out of an old rake, some ribbon and some artificial coloured leaves. While cleaning out the garage one summer I discovered we had 3 rakes and as there are only 2 of us that can use 1 rake each at the same time I decided to create a rake wreath. There
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The Kestrel and His Prey

Categories: Birds.

~ The American Kestrel has been spotted a couple of times in and around the garden. Here it is just after it landing on top of the light pole.  We live in the country so don’t have the usual number of street lights that urban areas have.  In fact this is the only light on our part of the road just across from the house, which we pay for. The kestrel has obviously captured some prey and was sitting on the post enjoying a nibble.  I cringed a little when I realized he had captured something, thinking it might be
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Changing the Bottle Tree

Categories: The Garden 2018 and Whimsy.

~ I have had a whimsical bottle tree in the garden since 2014 and it has gone through a few changes.  The original was a lilac tree that just decided to stop growing, so I trimmed it to become the first bottle tree.  I loved it but eventually the bush rotted out at the base and it fell down.  I had grown beans and morning glories up the frame as well and it looked so pretty. I tried a couple of ideas when relocating the tree and finally settled on the corner of the fence garden.  We had used branches
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What row am I on?

Categories: Crochet, Knitting, and Organization.

We all face this challenge when knitting or doing a crochet project – keeping track of how many rows have been completed. There are many gadgets that you can purchase if you look around. The pen and paper method, and a old method my mother used that was poking a knitting needle through the row number didn’t work for me.  I have too many old patterns with numbers crossed off and holes in certain places.  It was time for a change. I could purchase a row counter, but being the thrifty  crafty sort of person that I am I figured
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Slate Coloured Juncos

Categories: Birds and Lens Friends.

~ The little slate coloured juncos are frequent winter visitors to the gardens.  Juncos are found across North America and they vary slightly in appearance from east to west. Here in my part of Ontario, Canada we see the slate coloured juncos.  They are mainly end of Fall, winter, early spring visitors.  They certainly enhance our winter bird viewing. It has a solid black/dark grey head, neck, back and wings.  The rest of the little body is white.  The males are a bit darker than the females. They are mainly ground feeders and can be seen in groups under the
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Green Zebra Tomatoes

Categories: The Garden 2018 and Vegetables.

~ Each year in my kitchen garden I like to try to grow a different variety of vegetable.  This year I chose to try out green zebra tomatoes.  As well as going through a really hot and humid summer, my garden went through a lot of neglect this year.  I had knee replacement surgery at the beginning of July so basically the plants were left to grow on their own.  My husband did the watering, but I rarely got down the deck stairs to tend to the weeds or the thinning out or the snipping away of dead leaves etc.
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How to Make a Trivet

Categories: Crafty's Projects.

~ You can easily make your own trivet out of a 7 inch cork circle, broken tiles, tile adhesive, mod podge and coloured sand.   We recently made one in the Creative crafting group that meets on Fridays. The cork circles can be purchased at dollar stores and tiles can be obtained from the Re-Store or any hardware/home improvement store. The tiles are broken into pieces with a tile cutter and arranged on the cork base.  It was best to fill in around the edges first and then work inwards. At first the tiles were just arranged on the cork
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