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Dendritic Painting

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~ Dendritic painting is a technique I learned at Creative Crafting.  This is a simple way to create amazing designs on paper and artist board. Dendrites are actually nerve cells and  dendritic painting is creating branch like effects using glass, paint and an artist board. Supplies:  acrylic paint, two small sheets of glass or 2 cds (depending on the method you choose to use, artist board, paper towels, patience You add paint to glass, press another piece of glass on top and then carefully pull them apart.  This creates the branch/tree like effect.  You then press the glass onto an artist board or
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How to Make a Small Snowman Hat

Categories: Christmas and Crafty's Projects.

~ Do you accumulate the coffee pod containers?  Even though we buy the Canadian Beaver Rock brand, which are totally recyclable (if your area accepts them) I still like to save them for craft projects.  In our house only my husband drinks coffee but we still get quite a few of them over a while. These ones separate easily and you have a little outer container with a hole in the bottom and a basket like inner piece.  I haven’t found an idea for the basket liner yet, but I’m still thinking about it.  Have you got any ideas? Cut
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