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Making a Shell Wreath

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~ I’m a collector of many things and one of those things is shells.  I can’t resist picking up shells when we are visiting British Columbia.  Over the years I’ve collected so many in different shapes, sizes and varieties.  Usually they are just stored in a basket on the deck.  But after awhile even the basket gets full and you can’t appreciate the shells.  This year I decided to make a shell wreath out of them. The first task was to sort the shells in different types and sizes. I’ve got mussels, scallops, clams, periwinkles, hornshells, mudflat snails, limpets, oysters
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Washer Necklaces

Categories: Crafty's Projects.

~ One of my winter projects was to create washer necklaces. I’ve seen this idea in several places on the internet and wanted to try it out. For this project you need washers, (purchased from hardware stores), patterned paper, glue or mod podge, scissors, a hole punch (not really necessary), a dimensional adhesive ( I used Glossy Accents), cord. I traced the washer onto some patterned paper. Glossy pages from magazines, scrapbooking paper, and even old photographs work well. Be sure to trace the outside and the centre hole. If you have a punch that fits the hole you can
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