April Arrives

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April Arrives

We are marching right into April so it is time to spring-i-fy things.   Even though it’s not planting time there is some decorating and maintenance work that needs doing  in various places in the garden.  Here’s 5 things I’ve been working on.

the upside down bumbershoot display at craftygardener.ca

It was time to do away with the greenery baskets that are getting brown and put up the bumbershoot displays. I made these umbrella displays a couple of years ago using items from the dollar store and some ribbon.  I have one on each side of the garage door to fit in with the April showers theme for spring.  The spring garden flags are up as well.

boot planters at craftygardener.ca

Next comes the boot planters that were made from an old pair of kiddie boots from the thrift store and some spring blooms from the dollar store.

I’ve been doing a bit of repair on the birdhouses for the third thing.  Those darn blackbirds and squirrels will gnaw away at the openings till they get bigger.  The wren house had a new face plate fitted (made of metal and bought at our local bird store) to keep the size just right for the wrens, who haven’t returned yet.  The used-to-be-white sparrow house needs a repair too.  That is next on the list of spring projects.  I’m not sure if it is beyond repair and just might get turned into a mason bee home.

repairing birdhouses at craftygardener.ca

Nesting time is here so the little hangers filled with odd bits of yarn from my crafting projects have been hanging outside for a couple of weeks.  This provides bits for the birds to add to their nests.  Over the season quite a bit gets taken from this little birdcage and basket.  The centre photo below shows that the birds do use the yarn.  That photo was taken a couple of years ago and this is a bird house that is undergoing repair.

nesting materials at craftygardener.ca

A job that needs doing every spring is the raking away of leaves that get the run off stream and under and around some of the plants.  Over the winter they provide some protection for the plants and as they are gently raked away some nice spring plants are poking through.  This fifth job will be ongoing for awhile.

new growth in March at craftygardener.ca

What spring jobs are you doing in the garden?

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The weather doesn’t have a spring feel to it as winter just doesn’t want to give up.  A big, nasty system has been moving through overnight with a mixture of snow, ice pellets followed by lots of rain.  March arrived like a lion and left like a lion.  Fingers crossed this is the last of this type of weather for a long time.

On the computer side I’ve had a new theme installed for my site so I’m slowly learning where to make all the adjustments.  Some things might look a bit wonky at times but eventually it should all be fine.  Let me know if things look really bad or it is hard to read and I’ll try and fix it.  After all the site is done with visitors in mind and if it doesn’t work for you, then you might not come back.

the gardener side at craftygardener.ca

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