The winter visitors are enjoying the variety of seeds and nuts in and around the feeders.  Keeping them filled can be a challenge.

We’ve had the male and female cardinals, goldfinches, nuthatches, chickadees, hairy and downy woodpeckers, sparrows, doves, bluejays, juncos and robins.  A few weeks back we had a red breasted woodpecker but it was only sighted once.

The cardinals love the safflower seed. It cost a bit more but it sure is worth it as lots of the other birds don’t eat it.   I showed some 2sDay cardinals last week and here are some shots of the female and the male enjoying a snack.

female cardinal at

I get lots of questions asking where I create my mosaic/collage images.  I use a few different sources, (Photoscape, iPiccy, Fotor, Picasa) and do try to list them at the end of each post but this week they were all created with Fotojet.

male cardinal at

This is an easy to use free program on the web.  Free is always good isn’t it?  If you so choose there is also a paid version that gives you access to many more templates and features. Sometimes there is also a free trial month of the paid version.  The program works well on my Mac but won’t work on my iPad because it requires Flash.   Thats okay with me as I always use my camera and upload the images to my computer.  I rarely use the camera on my iPad or iPhone.  But it is something to consider if you do use the those cameras frequently.  I have no idea if the program works on other types of tablets.

white breasted nuthatch at the feeder at

I used the creative section instead of the regular mosaic/collage to get a different look this week.  The nuthatch was wondering why the log feeder was empty when it arrived.  And the chickadee is always flitting in and out to the coil feeder for peanuts and suet.  I fill the coil feeder with a combination of peanuts in shells and suet.  It hangs by the kitchen window so I’ve always got a good view of the lens friends that visit.

chickadee at the coil feeder at

There are lots of choices at Fotojet to do all sorts of things but after creating the image I use the photo editor on my computer, Pixelmator, to add text and resize to an optimal size for uploading to my site.  This is a Mac version which is similar to Photoshop.  It is worth while resizing your images, especially if you use a site like Blogger which gives you limited storage.  Images straight from the camera can be huge and will slow down how your site loads when others view it.  It is always important to add a watermark to your images as there are lots of unscrupulous folks out there who are out to steal them.  I always make sure the text is going through part of the image and not just at the edge of the photo where it can be easily cropped off.  I’ve learned the hard way and had to prove to a few sites that the image they are showing is mine and not that of someone who refuses to give credit to the person that created it.

robins in February at

The robins are around daily, looking for bare patches of grass to show through, snacking on the sumac plumes and other berries and singing their spring song while sitting in the trees.  They arrived at the end of January with a large flock of starlings and have stayed.

We are in for several days of above 0 Celsius weather so perhaps some picking out of evergreen trees for the first nesting will be happening.  Robins are considered a sign of spring but always seem to arrive early and several bouts of snow happen after their arrival.  Red wing blackbirds are a really good sign of spring arriving but we haven’t seen any of those yet.  But I’m always on the lookout.

I’m sharing with Mosaic Monday.

Where do you create your mosaic/collage images?


Have a look at some more of my lens friends photos.

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  1. Lovely photos and post . I use Pic monkey and lightroom for all my photos and I put my water mark and trade mark in them all so no one can claim them as theirs , I have all the info of the originals from my camera in my program I load them to and lots of people don’t realize each photo from digital cameras keeps coded info with in each photo , one just has to know how to find and look for it so they cant get away with it , there are so many good sites and programs out there to use to gussy up ones pics. Our Robins are about as well why this morning when Miggs and went for our walk there were a few singing their wonderful happy spring song. I could swear I heard a song Sparrow earlier today to over in the tree farm across the road from us but like you no Red Wing blackbirds as of yet they usually arrive and hang out in the swamp/marshy area down near the river at the end of our street . It was a lovely warm sunny day here today it hit 13C , the birds have seem to of slowed off on the feeders for now here which they do when the weather gets warmer or could be due to the bugs flying about already I saw which are a tasty treat for them after the winter weather which we really didn’t have . All of our snow is gone and it is a muddy mucky mess for now till it all drys up . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !
    Elaine recently posted..Cabinets Are Done & Lots Of SunshineMy Profile

    • I haven’t used Pic Monkey for ages, must go and give it another try. I keep all my original photos too with all the info embedded in them. I love hearing the spring songs of the birds now. We were down by the bay yesterday and got some photos of the Canada Geese and swans in a big clear patch of water. Lots of the bay is still frozen over and there are ice fishing huts in a few places. The snow is going down quickly and with the temperatures of the next few days hopefully it will be all gone … again! Have a great Sunday.

    • Having an account doesn’t mean you have to pay, it just keeps track of what you do on the site. I haven’t used it for ages as I found all sorts of other places to create mosaic/collage image. You still usually have to sign in but they are still free to use.

  2. Hi Linda…
    Great shots of the Birds.
    I use picmonkey on my Mac…and a new one here on my IPad…forgot the name, and if I leave to look, I’ll have to fill all my info in again! Hahaha!
    Enjoy your weather…
    Linda :o)

  3. Kea

    I love the variety of birds you get! I also really like the Fotojet mosaic. I’ll have to bookmark that site, thanks for the tips!

    Also thanks for the link to your old post re: the difference between a downy and hairy woodpecker. Side by side like that, I can see the one I spotted was a downy. I think I would be able to tell from bill size more than actual body size, given that any I spot would be at some distance in a tree.

  4. Robin

    Hi Linda, wonderful photos!
    I have a Mac too so I will check out the links you provided.
    I never thought to add a watermark to my photos. Must look into that too.
    Take care.

    • If you don’t have an editing program, there are lots of online places to add text to your images. I use Pixelmator which is a purchased program.
      It’s another lovely day, but not much activity at the feeders, so they must of gone on on a daycation ?

  5. What beautiful bird shots! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Winterlude ends here tomorrow, but I’ll have stuff into March, and I definitely love photographing the tulip festival.
    William Kendall recently posted..Cold RogueMy Profile

  6. Fabulous mosaics once again, Linda, your winged visitors are so photogenic! Will check out Fotojet once I’ve finished visiting this weeks MM’ers. I use PhotoScape and Picasa sometimes, Picmonkey mostly for collages, frames & text. I have to admit to not knowing how to add a watermark.
    It’s lovely to enjoy your gorgeous creations at Mosaic Monday this week.

  7. Great photos of our feathered friends. Thanks for the info about Fotomator – I haven’t tried that site. I still use the old downloaded Picasa for viewing my photos and making mosaics. I have Photoshop Elements and use that for editing some photos, when I have time. These days, it’s pretty limited.
    Have a great week.
    Lorrie recently posted..Puttering: Mosaic MondayMy Profile

  8. Your collages look great Linda! I’ve seen robins all winter this year, which has never happened here before to my knowledge. I take the blackbirds as the true sign of spring returning too … can’t beat the racket they make when they all descend on a large tree for the night! I haven’t seen any yet either. Spring does feel like it’s in the air though.
    Wendy @ September Violets recently posted..Winter StormsMy Profile

  9. Cool bird photos, Linda!

    I use Picmonkey to create my collages, although when I used it last weekend, I was forced to sign up for a free account to save my collage. I’ll have to check out Fotojet.

  10. Love your winter birds and I am bookmarking this post for further study. I use Picassa to edit my photos ….which Google apparently isn’t supporting any more, but still works. But it only does ordinary mosaics. So I need to get a new program. Thank you for sharing this great info.
    Sallie recently posted..A LITTLE SOUTH OF NORMALMy Profile

  11. My suet feeder disappeared last trip. I am guessing Mr. Raven came by and helped himself, and in the process tore it off the hanger on the bridge railing. I saw evidence he was on the cabin deck during our absence. Unfortunately he also stole a mouse bait container, but it appears it didn’t have a bad effect. He’s still hanging around the cabin up on the cliff. At least that makes me feel better. – Margy
    Margy recently posted..“Tide Rips and Back Eddies” by Proctor and MaximchukMy Profile