At The Fly Thru Feeder

The latest feeder is really popular with the birds.  I’m calling it the fly thru feeder as the birds can get right inside to enjoy the seed.  Perhaps it should be fly-thru like the drive-thru restaurants.

The downy woodpecker lands on the outside and peer inside.

fly through feeder at

It has mesh all around, inside and out, and there are opening so the birds can get right inside.

fly through feeder at

The grosbeak likes the outside and inside.

The young female grosbeak peeks out of one of the openings.

at the fly through feeder at

The little chickadee flies right to the inside for a snack.  This one is not as clear as it was taken through the windows on a dull day.

fly through feeder at

And look who else likes the fly through feeder, cheeky chippy.

chippy at the fly through feeder at

It’s 2sDay so I’m sharing 2 grosbeaks at the feeder.

2sDay grosbeaks at the fly through feeder

Hope you are having a great 2sDay.

the gardener side at

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7 thoughts on “At The Fly Thru Feeder

  1. Great photos! I love having a backyard full of trees where the local birds and squirrels can enjoy themselves. I don’t know the names of all the bird species but I like seeing them.

  2. Love that feeder Linda, haven’t seen one like that. You had quite a few visitors visit the fly through restaurant, that would be a good name for it. Enjoy the next few days of sun to sit outside.

  3. Great photos. Love feeding and watching the birds. Could you give us some info on the feeder? It is new to me.

    1. It’s a mesh fly thru feeder by Perky Pet. I live in Ontario, Canada and bought it at our locel store, The Birdhouse, in Wooler. If you search it you will find out more about it. All the birds just love it and can pop right inside or cling to the outside. Thanks for stopping by.

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