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It’s a hot, hot summer.   The heatwave and drought continues into August in my part of Ontario.  The temperatures are usually in the mid to high 30’s by afternoon and then when you factor in the humidex levels it goes into the low 40’s some days.

How dry to you ask?  Well, it’s so dry that the leaves are falling from the back trees and we even raked them up one day.  It is also so hot that some afternoons we don’t even go outside as even in the shade is hot.

raking leaves on Aug. 7, 2016 at

The halo garden under the evergreen is doing okay.  I did lose one of the hosta plants, could of been the lack of rain, not enough soil in that part of the halo, or a critter decided to yank it out.  I was able to repot it and trim off all the ruined leaves.  Hopefully it will do okay and when we get some rain I’ll plant it in one of the gardens.

Sinkville Garden at

Sinkville Village seems to love this weather.  I’ve even had to trim back the plants growing in there.  I think for over the winter I’ll bring the furniture etc inside for added protection.

A well is our water supply and many in the area are running dry.  I’m always conserving water but I’m even more conscious of doing it now.  I try to get more use out of a sink of water.  So I’m using a wash tub inside the sink so that when I’ve hand washed some dishes or rinsed out some tops the water can be used on one of the veggie tubs.

conserving water at

In a previous house I used to save the water from the washing machine into a big garbage can sitting beside the washer.  The girls were little and I used to tell them that as it is soapy water we are carrying out to put on the veggie patch the vegetables would come out already clean!!

I do water the veggie containers, the tipsy pots and buckets, and hanging ferns.  But I only do it every 3 days.  Yesterday I harvested some potatoes, beans and tomatoes.  On the weekend when we have cheap rate electricity I steam them and keep them in the fridge.  It sure helps not having to cook them each night of the week when it is really hot.

harvesting veggies at

The yellow snap beans have done really well, and so have the green beans and the rattlesnake beans.  The sweet little tomatoes are so delicious when picked, rinsed and eaten right off the plant.  I grow my potatoes in big bags and it is so easy to tip out a bag full when needed.  The bags have been used for 2 years now and are being recycled when emptied as they are ripping apart.

the bottle tree at

Mornings are the best time to work outside, especially in the fence garden where there is lovely shade.  The bottle tree just got replaced for the second time.  The wood had dried out in several places and was starting to crack and fall.  So I chose another tree to cut down from a crowded area of sumacs, hubby fastened it to the fence post with some bowls and I have been adding the bottles.  I had tried growing morning glory vines up it but with it being so dry only a couple grew.  I carefully untangled them from the old tree and have put them back on the new one.  That little growing experiment has gone into my trowel and error section at the end of this post.  I’ll rethink it over the winter and hopefully come up with a more successful idea next year.

a very dry August at

The yucca plant has finished blooming.  You can see how the ferns are drying out in the top right photo as are some of the leaves on the hosta.

There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for this hot and dry weather.  I’ve got lots of jobs done inside on those unbearable afternoons.  We have still been getting out and about but try to go early and travel home in the air conditioning of the vehicle.  Last week we went to the Old Mercantile General Store and the Ormsby school house for some educated dining.  The links take you to the posts I did last year when we visited.

Enjoy August.

I’m sharing with Mosaic Monday.  I use the online versions of Picasa, iPiccy, PicMonkey and Fotor to create my images this week.

garden journals – 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016

Blooming:  pansies, impatient,   coreopsis,  sorrel,  rudbeckia, daylilies,  bee balm, 4 o’clocks, heliopsis,

Harvesting: radishes, onions, tomatoes, rattlesnake beans, dwarf beans, yellow snap beans, potatoes, Egyptian walking onion, parsley, thyme, oregano,

Blooms finished: crocus, daffodils, tulips, trilliums, hyacinth, ajuga,  mini iris, sand cherry, violets, lilacs, lily of the valley, yellow iris, purple iris, solomon seal, peonies, poppies, honeysuckle shrub, bleeding heart, vinca, snow in summer, nine bark,spirea, honeysuckle vine, yellow loosestrife, evening primrose, lady’s mantle, penstemon, rose campion, money plant, yucca, drumstick allium, lovage, anemone, stella d’oro daylilies, yellow daylilies,  ditch lilies, wegelia, potentilla,

Trowel & Error: garlic, jack in the pulpit, painter’s pallet, lavender is very patchy, morning glory vines on bottle tree, burning bush is dried out due to the lack of rain and excessive heat,

the gardener side at

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