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An Enjoyable Break

Categories: Out and About and What's Been Happening?.

We were so lucky to have a week away at a cottage recently. How wonderful to sit by the lake, watch the wildlife, watch the sunset, go for leisurely walks and enjoy the sounds of the lake lapping on shore. The cottage was right on the lake front and we could see the most glorious sunsets in the evenings. Other cottagers and campers would flock to the lake front to view the sunsets. Who could blame them. Even though it was hot during the day it was so lovely to sit by the campfire at night. There were a few
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What’s in the Garden? – B

Categories: Alphabetical Gardening and The Garden 2019.

The garden tour this week shares what’s in the garden starting with B. One of my favourite spring blooms are the bleeding hearts.  This perennial plant loves the shady north facing gardens.  The plants get very big and are covered in pink or white blooms.  There are lots of other plants that start with B – beeblam, begonias, bluets and boxwood to mention a few. The bluejays are noisy, year round visitors to the garden.  They love the peanuts and loudly squawk to let you know they are arriving at the feeders. I grow lots of veggies and herbs that
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The Fisguard Lighthouse

Categories: British Columbia, Crafty's Projects, and Nature Crafts.

The Fisguard Lighthouse is a favourite place to visit on our trips to British Columbia. I can’t believe that I haven’t shared photos from this place. As I just completed a craft of a photo of the lighthouse decoupaged onto a shell, this is the perfect time to share both. A few years ago our granddaughter said this was the place she wanted to visit with us. So on a foggy September day off we went to climb the stairs leading up to the lighthouse and then to climb the circular stairs inside. Naturally we had to count the stairs
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What’s in the Garden? – A

Categories: Alphabetical Gardening.

This week I’m starting an alphebetical garden tour – flowers, birds, wildlife, whimsy and more. This week itt’s all about A. A perennial Anemone Virginianna, was a nice addition to the garden. It blooms in late June or early July. This anemone is also called thimbleweed and it is a native plant of North America. It can grow up to 80 cm tall so is frequently called tall anemone or tall thimbleweed. I grew anemones from small bulbs but they are tender perennials and you need to dig the bulbs each year.  I’ve done this for several years but it
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Decoupage Rocks

Categories: Crafty's Projects, Nature Crafts, and Whimsy.

The latest project I’m working on is decoupage rocks. I did a lot of rock painting which was lots of fun but I wanted to change it up a little bit. My inspiration for this craft came from my mother in law many years ago when she gave us some rocks she had decoupaged. She was a crafter just like me. Unfortunately after about 35 years the flowers on this rock are starting to wear away. I keep it on my desk and use it as a paper weight. You need flat rocks, paint, mod podge, pictures from magazine or
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Spoon Chimes

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

I just love tinkling sound of chimes in the garden. The latest addition is some spoon chimes. Many years ago I used to collect souvenir spoons from all the different places we visited when we were living and touring England. Family and friends also sent me spoons from different locations. I used to display them on spoon racks, not sure if they are even popular anymore. For the longest time the spoons got stored away in the cupboard and never used. Inspired from seeing some spoon chimes on a show we love to watch, (Sign Sealed and Delivered or sometimes
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Creating with Old Glass Dishes

Categories: Crafty's Projects and Whimsy.

I’ve got quite a collection of bits and pieces that came from garage sales, the back of the china cupboard or were given to me by friends who know I’ll make something with it. This time I used a pretty dish from a garage sale, a couple of glass risers that were used on a multi tier cake and some other  little dishes. I used silicone all purpose adhesive as I wanted it to dry clear.  After a few minutes I had a cute little trinket stand that stands on a dresser and is a catch all for little bits
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A Whimsical Weekend

Categories: Garden areas, The Garden 2019, and Whimsy.

I’ve added some whimsy to the garden this weekend. I’m working outside in chunks of time as this is my really bad allergy time and it is non stop sneezing and nose blowing. I have quite a collection of garden frogs that are displayed by the bridge in front of a big clump of daylilies. I made a little sign, can’t remember where I first saw this saying, but thought it was cute. At one time I did have a ceramic toad but it either got broken or misplaced. I’ll have to hunt for a new one to complete the
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Banana Bread

Categories: Recipes.

A favourite in our house is banana bread. It doesn’t get made as often as when the three girls lived at home, but every now and then the bananas get too ripe and it is time to make some more. So today the house was filled with the delicious smells of baking. This is an recipe from my mother so I have no idea where it originated from. We just know it tastes good. I still have the handwritten recipe I copied from her files, probably just before or after I got married. My goodness that is 50 years ago
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Splish … Splash

Categories: Crafty's Projects, Garden Projects, Lens Friends, and Whimsy.

Splish Splash I was taking a bath. Does your memory stretch back to that song by Bobby Darin?  I do believe I have that song on a 45 record … have you got any of those? I had made 2 different birdbaths, one for the front and one for the back garden.   The one in the back garden had more visitors than the one in the front garden.  One day it got knocked over and the top came off, and part of it cracked, so it got put in the garage cupboard along with the other one and I
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