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‘Tea’riffic Mail

Categories: What's Been Happening?.

Last Friday was a ‘tea’riffic mail day as the mailman left a package in the mailbox that I wasn’t expecting till next week.  I’m so glad it fit into the mailbox as usually a card is left and we have to go into town to pick it up. Margie, of Tea in the Valley, recently had a give away for her third blogaversary and I was the lucky winner.  Wow, was I spoiled with all the gifts … from mug, to napkins, to infuser, to tea, to notecards, and calendars.  What fun I had opening the box and looking at
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Spotting Eagles

Categories: Birds and British Columbia.

The thing we look for the most when visiting British Columbia is the eagles.  Our favourite place to see them is Goldstream Park in Victoria BC. This year we were so lucky to see many eagles, perhaps because of the time of year we were visiting.  They go to the park because of the salmon run and in mid December there were many salmon dead on the banks of the stream (finished spawning) and the eagles are there to have a feast. It was a foggy day when we visiting but there were so many eagles in the park.  We
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How to make a Sea Glass Candle

Categories: Crafty's Projects.

It was so much fun collecting sea glass at the various beaches while in British Columbia.  I now have quite a collection of different colours and sizes.  I wanted to make something fairly quickly to have out as a reminder of our fantastic trip.  The first project I opted to make was a sea glass candle. You can make this with an empty candle jar with a tight lid, a small glass votive jar, a candle and some sea glass. Place the votive glass holder inside the larger jar. I didn’t worry too much that the glass votive came just
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January 2018

Categories: The Garden 2018 and What's Been Happening?.

January has been a mixture of weather so far … mild, rain, ice rain, snow, frigid temperatures, a thaw and there is still half a month to go. We arrived home from British Columbia on a mild day, which got even milder the next day with temperatures of 11 Celsius.  There was snow everywhere and we got the paths dug out around the garden to the various bird feeders.  But on Thursday night and Friday morning the temperatures rose more and just about all of the snow melted away.  It was a really foggy day and as the day went
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Black Turnstones

Categories: Birds, British Columbia, and Lens Friends.

~ Our latest visit to British Columbia gave us the opportunity to check off many different species of birds, ducks and shore birds. The Black Turnstone was spotted on a rainy day while visiting Whiffin Spit.  This was the same day we saw the Whiffin Spit Christmas tree.  If you missed the post about that you can view it here. This species loves the rocky Pacific coast.  It’s a medium sized, short legged shore bird about 20-25 cm long. I love all the barnacles on the rocks in this photo.  This bird will peck inside the barnacles to find food.
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Carrots are Dilly

Categories: Recipes.


It is hard to resist a 10 pound bag of carrots for $1.97 and then I had to come up with lots of recipes to use them all.   Carrot and turnip (rutabaga) or swede as it is called in England are mashed together for a favourite.  Lots of carrots were blanched and frozen into portions that will go into stews and slow cooker recipes. I also made sweet potato and carrot soup. (sharing soon)

Then I came across a new to me recipe dilled carrots on The English Kitchen and decided to try it.  I printed it out, made it, and decided it was a keeper and I've made it a few times since.

Peel and julienne cut 450 gm of carrots.

making filled carrots at

Melt butter in a pan and gently add the carrots, turning frequently to coat them.  Add water.  The recipe calls for chicken stock but that is something I don't use.  You could add a stock cube if you wish, but I also try to stay away from them because of the added salt.

making filled carrots at

Add 1 teaspoon of fresh dillweed and mix in.

making filled carrots at

Add 1/2 teaspoon of honey, or a bit more if you like things really sweet.  Mix in well.

making filled carrots at

Cook for about 10 minutes or until carrots are tender.  A god portion of the water/stock will evaporate.  Remove with a slotted spoon and serve.

making dilled carrots at



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British Columbia Trip 2017-2018

Categories: British Columbia and What's Been Happening?.

I’ve been absent from my website for just about 5 weeks while we were visiting our daughter and family in British Columbia.  Luckily for us we missed all the frigid temperatures that Ontario had at the end of December and the beginning of January.  We left on a mild, damp day to the beginning of December and got home on a mild January 9. We did arrive home to snow piled up on both sides of the driveway but thanks to a wonderful friend and neighbour it was clear.  The house was fine while we were away.  There was just
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Whiffin Spit Christmas Tree

Categories: British Columbia and Out and About.

  Whiffin Spit in Sooke, is a favourite walk of ours while visiting Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We are spending Christmas with out family in Langford this year.  Even though it is Christmas we are still doing lots of touristy things. Each year one of the trees along Whiffin Spit is decorated for the season.  Decorations are saved each year by wonderful volunteers and rehung the following year.  Anyone can add a decoration to the tree. This is the first year we have seen it decorated as we are usually here at differnt times of the year. When our grandson
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Warmest Wishes

Categories: Christmas.

~ It’s that time of year to wish each and every one of my visitors a very happy, safe and enjoyable holiday season. Whether you come via Facebook, Bloglovin’, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, feeds, blog rolls, links that others leave, a search, email reminders or bookmarks I appreciate each and every visit now and through the years. Perhaps you say Merry Christmas … Mele Kalikimaka … Feliz Navidad … Joyeux Noel … … Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan … Buone Feste Natalizie … Happy Christmas … … Buone Feste Natalizie …Boas Festas …Kala Christouyenna … Happy Holidays … Seasons Greetings … Happy Hanukkah … Happy Kwanzza … Glædelig Jul
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The 12 Birding Days of Christmas

Categories: Birds and Christmas.

~ The camera is always on hand to capture the feathered lens friends in the garden, down by the bay or driving along.  Christmas carols are being played everywhere now and just to shake things up a little bit I’m sharing some of favourite photos of birds with my rendition of the 12 birding days of Christmas.  Singing along or humming along is allowed. On the first day of birding my camera snapped for me … a cardinal in a bare tree and then continuing on … On the second day of birding my camera snapped for me 2 swans
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