Bluejay Buddies

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Have a look at these bluejay buddies snacking together at the suet feeder.

During the week I captured photos of two bluejays at the coconut  suet feeder.  If you haven’t made this all season suet yet, you really should give it a try.  The birds just love it.  There is a printable link to the recipe on that page or you can save it as a pdf file for use later on.

bluejays at the coconut suet feeder at bluejays at the coconut suet feeder at bluejays at the coconut suet feeder at bluejays at the coconut suet feeder at bluejays at the coconut suet feeder at

The last photo is a bit of an action shot as the bluejay quickly moved his head down into the suet and I didn’t have time to change the settings on the camera.  You can also see the wind has ruffled some of the feathers on the bluejay head.

I love taking photos and you can have a look at some more of my lens friends here.

Apologies to those that subscribe by email as some time at the end of the week an email went out with 8 new links in it.  It was my fault as I’ve been changing around the site a bit and adjusting some of the settings and I must of changed the wrong one.  Hopefully  the email with this update only has 1 link.  I’ve been trying out a couple of different plugins to use with my site and sometimes you just have to activate them to see how they work.  Some worked well and others not so well.  If you happened to be visiting during those changes you might of seen a variety of things.  I have noticed some new followers via Facebook, Bloglovin’ and the feeds and I appreciate that.

I’ve also been tweaking some of the pages at the top of the page (the drop down menus)  I’ve amalgamated some, created some and even deleted some.  If you come across a link that leads no where, please know that it is in the process of being fixed.  You can always use the contact button to let me know if it persists.  Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

We woke up to our first sprinkle of snow on Friday morning.  It isn’t much compared to what Northern Ontario, out west or down east have received lately.

November 14, 2014 - first snowfall at

But it was enough to get me to take some photos, through the windows of course.

November 14, 2014 - first snowfall at

The sun came out in the morning and most of the snow melted away quite quickly.  Snow is in the forecast for the next few days, perhaps as much as 5 cm. overnight and there is just over a month go before winter officially starts!  Are we in for a long winter?  I’ve decided it if starts early it had better end early!!!  Somehow I don’t think the weather gods will be listening to me.

Beside taking lots of photos and changing around my website I’ve been out Christmas shopping, doing some knitting and crochet (fingerless mitts and lego bricks) and some reading and making some crafty Christmas things that I’ll be sharing soon.  I’m experimenting with crochet lego bricks to make a bag to hold a lego gift for my grandson.

How about you … have you had a good week?  and did you see your first snow this week?  Have you started your Christmas shopping?

I’m sharing the bluejay photos with I’d Rather B Birdin’ and Camera Critters.