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This week I’m reviewing a book by a Canadian author, Mike Martin.  The book is my favourite genre, a mystery, and set in Newfoundland, Canada.

Sgt. Winston Windflower, a Cree from northern Alberta, is  an RCMP officer stationed in Grand Bank, Newfoundland.  The Body on the T is the second book in the series, the first being The Walker on the Cape.

I really enjoy a story that gets you hooked right at the beginning .. and this one does just that.  Visual descriptions of locations give you an feel for Newfoundland.   The author incorporates many facts about Canada  … the fishing industry, Joey Smallwood, how Newfoundland was a landing spot for early explorers, Newfoundland dialects, local dishes, visits to Tim Hortons and more.

The dog noticed it first and jumped into the water to see what it was.
“Come back, Sandy,” cried the girl to the golden retriever.  The boy just waded into the water up to his thighs to get a closer look.
“It’s a person.  A dead person,” he said.
An hour later the beach was littered with police and emergency vehicles along with a few dozen gawkers who’d heard the noise from their nearby cabins along the shoreline.  Two RCMP officers in fluorescent vests were stringing a yellow police tape from two wooden posts about a hundred yards apart.  Corporal Eddie Tizzard was shooing the on-lookers back from taking a closer look at the tarpaulin-covered lump on the ground behind the tape.
Sergeant Winston Windflower stood nearby talking to the two children who’d made the gruesome early morning discovery.

A body is body discovered in the river.   The T is a narrow spit of land jutting out into the ocean.  It doesn’t appear to be a local person and the coroner surmises that the person either fell and smashed his head or someone hit him with a heavy blunt object.  Before investigations get too far along, the body is being transferred to headquarters with no explanation.   Windflower is also offered the chance of a temporary special assignment  in Marysville, another town not that far away.

Sheila Hillier, owner of Mug- Up cafe , has a special relationship with Winston Windflower.  Part way through the book Sheila is involved in a serious accident and it becomes evident how much Winston cares for her.

Other characters in the story are Dr. Sanjay, retired doctor and now the medical examiner, Officer Tizzard, and Officer Lapierre, who Windflower has to suspend.  It isn’t long before a second body is discovered and this time it is a local person, Roger Buffet.  At first all the incidents seem isolated but as the story progresses they all become intertwined through a smuggling operation.

bodyont1    bodyont2

 Mike Martin is the author of the Windflower Mystery Series, set in small communities on the east coast of Canada. He was born in Newfoundland and now resides in Ottawa.  His latest book, The Body on the T, is now available as an e-book on  There is also a Christmas special here … book 1 & 2 for $30

I really enjoyed reading this book and will be looking for the first book in the series.  If you enjoy mysteries I know you will find this book very interesting.

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