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Down by the Bay

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  While walking down by the bay we spotted a pair of lesser yellowlegs shorebirds.  These were most likely migrant birds passing through.  We had seen the greater yellowlegs while in British Columbia last year. These were feeding in a muddy patch and some shallow water left over from the high waters in the lake where it flooded a few areas on the waterfront trail. I was lucky to capture the great blue heron just as it took off in its hunt for more food. It has a huge wingspan. It has been foggy overnight and when we arrived there
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Keeping Their Balance

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    Viewing wildlife is one of the reasons we go for walks down by the bay.  This year the water levels have been so high due to the heavy spring rains that regular viewing and nesting places have frequently been under water.  But today we saw some mallard ducks and the heron who had found new places to rest. How do they keep their balance?  They tuck up one leg and perfectly still on the other leg for ages. This group of mallard ducks had found a napping place on some sunny rocks. The great blue heron thought he
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Enjoying the Weather

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Enjoying the Weather We have had some really nice days, just perfect for walking by the bay, decorating the garden, and relaxing and reading outside. The water was calm and clear on our walk by the bay at the end of the week. Look at the water dripping off the swan’s beak as it came up after  dunking for food This swan has a lot to say as a gull tried to move in on its territory. The osprey was letting us know she was on her nest … perhaps protecting young.  This is one of the nests that we check
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Sighting Some Caspian Terns

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The weather has been a hot and muggy and one morning we decided to walk down by the bay and enjoy the breeze off the water.  Just by the children’s play area in a marshy area that the swans nest in we sighted some Caspian Terns … in fact quite a few of them on a spit of rocks along the waterfront trail. There were also ducks, geese, gulls, cormorants and the family of swans.
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