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What row am I on?

Categories: Crochet, Knitting, and Organization.

~ We all face this challenge when knitting or doing a crochet project – keeping track of how many rows have been completed. There are many gadgets that you can purchase if you look around. The pen and paper method, and a old method my mother used that was poking a knitting needle through the row number didn’t work for me.  I have too many old patterns with numbers crossed off and holes in certain places.  It was time for a change.    I could purchase a row counter, but being the thrifty  crafty sort of person that I am
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Knitting Needle Flowers

Categories: Crafty's Projects, Crochet, and Organization.

~ I was inspired by someone I follow on Instagram to make some knitting needle flowers.  On a really hot and humid afternoon when it was far too uncomfortable to be outside I got out my little left over balls of yarn and my 4 mm crochet hook and made 8 little flowers.  Thanks eighbysix for the inspiration. The pattern I used was sort of my own but after looking around I found others had made similar flowers. Start with a chain of 4 and slip stitch to join the chain. Chain 2 and then do 11 hdc in the
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Plant Markers That Last

Categories: Garden Projects and Organization.

I bet you are like me and think you have a great memory and will remember where you planted everything.  Well, you just might remember for a day or two, but after you have planted several things I bet you start to forget what is where. Using plant markers is a fun and educational way to share the names of your garden plants   You can add common and botanical names and any other info you want.  But best of all, this helps you remember where you have planted seeds and bulbs.  There are many types of commercial plant markers
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Repurpose the Old Vinyl

Categories: Crafty's Projects and Organization.

  Vinyl records are making a comeback and many folks are getting new turntables and investing in vinyl once again.   We have an awful lot of old records from my parents and from my teenage years.  We might think they are all valuable but most aren’t.  Here is an idea to repurpose some of those records that might be scratched, a bit warped or duplicates. Here is how we made a stand out of a small piece of wood and some old vinyl records. You need 2 records (33 speed) and a piece of suitable sized wood.  The records
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The Gathering is Beginning

Categories: Organization, Seeds, and The Garden 2013.

September arrived with some cooler weather and some thunderstorms and heavy rain.  You can feel the Fall weather heading our way. It is that time of year when I start to leave some blooms on the plants and let them go to seed.  Some fading blooms are left on the plant as they add some height and interest to the gardens in winter, plus the birds, especially the goldfinches enjoy snacking on the seed heads.  But I’m also a gatherer of seeds so that I can enjoy the beauty of the flowers the next garden season.   So out came the
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Bag Holder

Categories: Organization and Sewing.

In an effort to reduce the use of plastic bags most stores now offer the option of buying one of their reusable bags. This certainly helps cut down on waste but there are still times that we accumulate plastic bags in various sizes.  This is a holder I made a long time ago for all those plastic grocery bags. It certainly doesn’t get as full now as it used to as I have a lot of reusable bags. You need a piece of fabric about 16 inches wide by 22 inches long, and 2 pieces of thin elastic. Match the
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Scarf Storage

Categories: Coat Hanger Crafts and Organization.

Do you love to accessorize with chiffon scarves – But have a difficult time storing them? I’ve got a storage solution for those slippery scarves. I had tried folding them and putting them in a drawer, but then you tend to forget about them, and when you take out one you tend to mess up the others. I tried just hanging the scarves over the coathanger. But even though they are very light they still tended to slip to one side or the other. While chatting with a friend she mentioned her mom had added loops to a coathanger to
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Needle and Hook Holders

Categories: Crochet, Knitting, Organization, and Sewing.

I’ve been wanting a new holder for all my knitting needles. The one I have been using is old and really didn’t have enough spots for all the needles. I made my holder using felt that was about 92 cm. wide (36 in.) and about 50 cm. deep (20 in.). Fold up the bottom part about 18 cm. (7 in.). I sewed lines to make narrow pockets to hold the needles. Some were about 2.5 cm. (1 in.) wide and some were about 1.25 cm. (1/2 in.) wide. In the above photo you can see all the pockets that I
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