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“Boo”tiful Projects

Categories: Hallowe'en, Knitting, Plastic Canvas, and Sewing.

~ Hallowe’en is a fun time for little children.  It’s a time for witches, ghosts, goblins and jack o’lanterns.  It is a great time of year to make some quick and easy projects.  So why not make some cute Hallowe’en projects for the kids or grandkids. In our family it is an extra special day as our little pumpkin was born on that day in 2009.  She wore her little knitted pumpkin hat I had made on the way home from the hospital.  She still has the hat and one of her dolls wears it now.  Big brother is now
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A Crochet Needlecase

Categories: Crochet and Sewing.

Here’s how I made a crochet needle case that resembles a little hat.  I received my original one many years ago as a gift one Christmas from a student.  It has had many years of use. It’s a great little project to use up some odds and ends from the yarn stash.  You also need a small amount of felt and a thimble.  It’s also a great project if you sell at craft sales or bazaars. The original one is about 11 cm. across but the edges are curling after lots of use.  But the curl makes it more like
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Christmas Tea

Categories: Christmas, Craf-tea, and Sewing.

Crafty is being craf-tea. When it comes time to mail out your Christmas cards,  why not include a cup of Christmas tea to share with your family and friends that are far away. This is a simple, sewing craft  to send some holiday cheer.  This takes up very little space inside the card and usually doesn’t add to the cost of the postage. Take one of your favourite tea bags. My favourite is Stash tea as it comes individually wrapped and fits so nicely into my tea chest.  You can buy many varieties of Christmas tea, which usually come 18 or
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A Craf-tea Towel

Categories: Craf-tea and Sewing.

From talking about tea … to sharing teacups  … to rearranging the teapot display … and one thing led to another and I came up with a craf-tea idea.  I had seen this idea on a few sites and thought I would  try making one. I’ve got some friend’s birthdays coming up and wanted something with a personal touch.  You can find the instructions on Martha Stewart’s site.  I used my own template from another craft, an odd bit of material from another sewing project, and a small kitchen towel.   This is my test project, so I used an
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Upcycle the Plastic Coat Hangers

Categories: Coat Hanger Crafts and Sewing.

Upcycle those plastic hangers in your closet. It’s the time of year to start thinking Christmas gifts.  Even if you don’t want to think about it, you know that the time is coming, so why not be prepared for it.  Gifts don’t have to cost a lot of money and something homemade is greatly appreciated. A quick and easy craft is covering those plastic hangers that everyone has in their closet.  You need plastic hangers, 1 metre of material (which is enough for 5 coat hangers), quilt batting, thread and trim.  If you have any scraps, this is a great
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Stitching Little Felt Birds

Categories: Sewing.

Over the winter months I’ve been having fun stitching little felt birds.  It all started with a monthly challenge at Creative Cain Cabin and Mockingbird Hill with their felt critters.  It was fun to use felt and embroidery thread and stitch these critters so I started looking for other patterns. I found a great site called Bugs and Fishes and 2 cute patterns for blackbirds.  The male blackbird has sequins on his wing and some top stitching but it is very hard to see in the photo. Then I found Susan’s Down East Thunder Farm and her amazing collection of
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