Chilly for Chili

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Today I made a pot of chili, which doesn’t really qualify for a Souper Sunday category but that’s okay. Today is a dull and overcast day with rain coming down.  The temperatures are about 7 Celsius but the rain just makes it feel damp, so some chili to combat the chilly day is called for.

Chili is a great meal on a cold day.  I use about half a kilo (1 pound) of extra lean ground beef, a large can of diced tomatoes, a large can of red kidney beans, and a small can of tomato paste,  chili seasoning, sweet onion and celery.   Saute the onions in a pan, add the chopped celery and cook a few minutes. For those that are garlic lovers you can add it now as well.  Add the ground beef and stir till browned.  At this point I drain an excess liquid off and return it to the pan.

Then I stir in the chili powder and tomato paste and dump it into a big pot to simmer with the tomatoes and kidney beans.
I just love that little gadget on the side of the pot. 

It attaches to the side of the pot and you rest your spoon or utensil on it. It saves having a small bowl or a spoon rest container on the counter. And any drips go right back into the pot. You can still put the lid on the pot but one side will be a little higher due to the spoon rest.

Do you have a favourite kitchen gadget?

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