Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus has been putting on a gorgeous show of  blooms so far this December.  This plant is also referred to as a Holiday cactus or Schlumbergera. It can bloom for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter.    It is a native plant from the rain forests of Brazil and grows on trees rather than in the ground. If you originally purchased your plant close to Christmas, the growers adjusted the growing conditions to force it to bloom then and that is why we call it the Christmas cactus. The plant typically blooms from late Fall to late winter.

Water the plant to keep the soil moist and keep it in indirect sunlight. When buds are forming fertilize every couple of weeks. Cool, dry conditions with shorter days encourage blooming. It is best not to move the plant while it is in bloom as this can cause the buds to fall off. The plant does not like drafts, nor heat blowing on it.  Many people have success moving the plant outdoors over the summer months.  But not in an overly hot location.  I usually just keep mine inside and on the plant shelf in the kitchen.  About a month after blooming you can prune the plant by snipping off the last leaf.  This should encourage the plant to branch out.

You can propagate a new plant by snipping off 2 or 3 segments.  Let them dry for a few hours and then push directly into a small pot, preferable with the same soil as the parent plant.  Make sure the first segment is pushed about half way down into the soil.   I find this is a slow process but it is always fun to grow your own new plants.

I hope you have some Friday flowers to enjoy.  Why not stop over to Fertilizer Friday  and see lots more.  And for lots more photos with green in them visit Green Day.

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10 Responses to Christmas Cactus
  1. Ayu

    So beautiful this fall-winter cactus, the flower such a amazing
    have a nice weekend

  2. I have two Christmas Cactus that have just finished blooming ! I water them once a week and they are in my east window , they bloom twice a year for me ! One plant must be about 20 years old and the other is a baby still lol ! I love the bright pink of yours so pretty ! Mine are two tone red and white with purple . I want to get more colours it is nice to have them during this gloomy time of year to brighten it up ! Have a great day !
    Elaine recently posted..Our Simple Christmas DecorationsMy Profile

    • I used to have a white one but it died away. I’m on the lookout to replace it. I’d also like some other colours too.

  3. Lindas imagens…essa flor é conhecida, aqui no Brasil, por flor de maio, devido à época de floração. Gostei de saber como reproduzi-la, são lindas! Um abraço!
    Bia Hain recently posted..Green day 26My Profile

    • Thanks for letting me know the name of the flower in Brazil. The May flower is beautiful. I’m wondering if people in Brazil have this as a house plant.

  4. I used to have these plants around at Christmas – don’t know why I abandoned the idea – it’s gorgeous!
    Barb recently posted..Burt’s BeesMy Profile

  5. Muito linda essa flor!Gosto dela! beijos,chica

  6. Your Christmas cactus is such a pretty colour. Mine is a very pale pink/white and has been blooming for a couple of weeks. I didn’t know one could make it grow bigger but cutting back the first leaf section so I will try that when it is finished blooming. Mine could stand to thicken up. Thanks for the tips.
    Pamela Gordon recently posted..a bowl of greens and a sprinkling of redMy Profile

  7. thanks for linking in this week! I hope you will again soon! I love the cacti blooms!

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