Cicadas – those inscects that we don’t very often see  but we very often hear buzzing and clicking on those hot and humid days.

Cicada comes from Latin and translates to mean tree cricket.


One day awhile ago there was one on a deck post and I was able to get some good macro photos of it by leaning over the railing.  This was the first time we had actually seen a cicada, other than images in books.


It stared right back at me with those  very prominent eyes, set far apart, almost appearing as if they see to the sides.  The patterns and colours on the wings and back of the body were fascinating.


Many cicadas have an long life cycle, of 13 to 17 years.  Yet when one hatches they live only about 6 weeks.  Females lay the eggs in the soil, the young nymph lives underground and feeds on the juice from tree roots.  When they emerge they climb the tree, shed skin and become adults.  Yet other species emerge yearly.


There is a bit of a strange story to this cicada.  We first saw it on the deck railing while we were sitting outside.  After taking photos and then checking back it had gone, and we figured it had flown away.  Yet a few hours later my husband came out of the bathroom and said he had found another of the same bug in there.  He popped it onto a cloth and we put it back outside and I took some more photos.   Strange there should be one inside.  Our explanation is that it must of hopped/moved/flown and landed on my husband as he was sitting right beside the railing.  When he went inside, so did the cicada and then it hopped off and was discovered again.  After awhile he vanished from the towel and I’m sure this time he returned to the trees at the back of the garden.

I found out from doing some research that cicadas will occasionally land on a person thinking they are a food source.  Perhaps it was getting no food from the pressure treated deck wood and thought it would try the next closest thing .. a human.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to take some macro photos of this fascinating lens friend.

Nature never fails to amaze me.

I’m sharing with Macro Monday and I ♥ Macro

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17 Responses to Cicadas
  1. These are really great shots of the cicada. I have never seen one but have heard them. Apparently in Halifax this was the summer for them to emerge from the ground. I guess there were thousands of them. An amazing creature.
    Pamela Gordon recently posted..Oh September….My Profile

  2. Good morning Linda. I listen to them all the time here, sure are loud. It is very possible I have seen one light somewhere and wondered what it was. Your photos are great now I know what a cicada looks like and will be keeping an eye out for them.Thanks for sharing the photos and information on the cicada.

  3. Those shots turned out so well, especially the one where you’re looking eyeball to eyeball at each other.
    My Little Home and Garden recently posted..Labour Day WeekendMy Profile

  4. Fantastic shots Linda and with the size of them, no wonder people are intimidated when they run across a cicada. Except people like you and I that find them fascinating and pull out the camera. I just wrote about cicadas for my September article in the Nature Place Journal.
    Lavender Cottage recently posted..Welcome SeptemberMy Profile

  5. Så wonderful pictures of that little creature!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂
    Huldra recently posted..Natures giftMy Profile

  6. Awesome photos and post ! I did a post and took photos of these funny bugs last year as they did come down to our level to visit lol. This year because of the humidity I find there are a lot more around . I also was able to get some shots of their leftover shell to, They are in an armor type shell for some time then they break from it leaving behind a shell of them selves ! When I was kid on the farm we called them hydro bugs as they sounded like the hydro wires along the country roads buzzing lol ! I find all natures creatures fascinating ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !
    Elaine recently posted..Macro/ Micro MomentsMy Profile

  7. thank you for the info and the great photos, that was an interesting post.

    Gill recently posted..“That’s not my name,”My Profile

  8. Lea

    Great macro photos and interesting story!
    Have a great day!
    Lea’s Menagerie
    Lea recently posted..End of the Month View August 31, 2013My Profile

  9. Love your bug, I see them every now and again on my morning walks. They are huge!
    Dawn recently posted..Fall Printables {FREE}My Profile

  10. Fantastic micro shots of nature’s fascinating insects ~ carol, xo
    artmusedog and carol recently posted..Through the Lens MondayMy Profile

  11. Brilliant! Love the eyeball shot.
    rusty duck recently posted..Keyhole SurgeryMy Profile

  12. Wonderful photos, so detailed and lots of information too! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro 🙂
    Laura Hegfield recently posted..I Heart Macro Week 16My Profile

  13. Yikes!!!
    Good thing he didn’t get under a piece of furniture…and “Sing” all night!
    Hope you had a great weekend!

    Linda :o)
    Linda recently posted..I Knew As Soon As We Pulled Into The Driveway….My Profile

  14. Nice close ups. Beautiful details in the wings.
    Gunilla recently posted..I Heart MacroMy Profile

  15. Great shots…so much detail!
    Susie Clevenger recently posted..Rose SeductionMy Profile

  16. We have cicadas here as well – on very hot days their call seems to make the day hotter than ever!

    My kids (and me as well!) like collecting the shells on the trees.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne
    Stewart M recently posted..A windy day…My Profile

  17. I have never seen these in person, hear them all the time and often wondered what they looked like up close. Your pictures are amazing, as usual, and what a treat to see one up close like you did.
    Debbie 🙂
    Debbie recently posted..Plant Stand from a Broken TableMy Profile

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