Some tea thoughts:
Once the package of friendship has been opened,
it can never be closed
It is a constant book always written
waiting to be read  and enjoyed.
… unknown
Women are like teabags.
They don’t know their strength until they are in hot water.
… Eleanor Roosevelt
craf-tea friendship tea
christmastea1a   tea card2a

Christmas tea   friendship tea   sew a tea card

teapotcloth2a   making festive teabags at

   craf-tea towels   festive teabags and tea charms

craf-tea  in the garden

neverendingtea1   teacup01   teapottotema   teacup planter5

never ending tea   teacup feeders   teapot totem   craf-tea planters

ladderplanter2013a  making a tea cup planter at

tea thyme ladder planter   teacup planter

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