Crafty’s Projects

Crafty’s projects – sometimes there are crafty things that just don’t fit in with the sewing crafts or the yarn crafts

Pep and Salty the shaker people from   trinketstand5a   totem1aa   totembirdbath12a.jpg

Pep and Salty   trinket dish   glass totem   glass birdbath


braided hangers

marker3     bug bookmark6aa

magnetic bookmarks   Don’t bug me bookmark

making a stand from old vinyl records at

repurpose old vinyl records

 pet rock ladybugs at   cdnflag1   number rock1   weather rock1   rockville2011a

   pet rocks   Canada flag  what’s your number   weather forecaster   rock houses

how to transfer a print image to wood at

printing on wood

soap with an incentive at

soap incentive