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Winter brings cold and stormy weather and not as much outside time, but it does mean more time for the hooks and needles to come out.

It is hard to have just one project on the go, so here are a couple of yarn projects on the go this week.

One will be another ‘purse’onality bag for my collection.  This is my favourite bag pattern and so easy to work on.  It doesn’t take much time to complete one of the squares needed to make the bag.

To go with my new winter coat, this one is all black. This pattern is for a bag made out of granny squares called Inga’s crocheted bag.  I just tweaked it a bit and took out the squares that formed the bottom.  In total you need 13 granny squares and then some yarn to join them together and made the straps.

crochet black granny bag at

So far I’ve completed eight of the thirteen squares.  If I keep at it and don’t get distracted by reading or blogging it should be finished soon.

I don’t think you can ever have too much ‘purse’onality.

crochet work at

I’ve also taken the Tunisian Crochet book off the shelf to brush up on that technique.  Have you tried tunisian crochet?  I did some ages ago and made some dishcloths.  I’ve always got dishcloths on the go and thought it was time I did some more of this kind.

tunisian crochet dishcloths at

The book is by Sharon Hernes Silverman and explains the techniques of tunisian crochet and also has a good selection of patterns.  I have a lovely set of tunisian bamboo crochet hooks, which are longer than the usual crochet hooks.  These were a gift from a friend a few years ago and I really haven’t put them to good use.

tunisian crochet hooks at

Here is my pattern for the Tunisian dish cloth. Remember I’m better at doing the crochet than at writing down the pattern – and it seemed harder to write down a pattern using the Tunisian stitch.  First you need to master the tunisian way of crochet.

Chain 25 stitches. Pull yarn through each stitch so that you have 25 loops on the hook.
The next row (works from left to right), where you pull the yarn through the first stitch and off the hook, and then pull the yarn through the next two stitches and off the hook, continue till the end of the row. You end up with one stitch left on the hook.
Pick up 24 stitches (vertical stitches of the previous row, working right to left).
These 2 rows are the pattern and you continue until you have enough rows to form a square.
Around the edge of the square I did double crochet stitches to finish it off.

I’m sharing with Yarn Along.  Here are some of the other craft books I’ve posted about.


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