How do you spend a wintery day?  Why working on some new garden whimsy, of course.  It all started with a log Santa that I got at Christmas.

the Santa log at

It was a simple project that just required some logs and some paint.  Thank goodness we have had some mild days when I’ve gone sorting through the brush pile at the very back of the garden to find some logs.

making log gnomes at

The logs had to come inside and dry out before cutting and painting could happen.  Can you see the inspiration log Santa in the lower left photo?  The logs were cut on various angles using a few different saws.  Sometimes just the top bit was cut off, but they got made into little gnome faces too.

making log gnomes at

Then I started with the painting … different coloured hats for these gnomes, but they all got white beards.  This was a project done over a few days as I wanted each part to dry thoroughly before moving on.   The odd time the hat or beard needed a second coat.  It certainly didn’t require any fancy painting skills, my kind of project.

making log gnomes at

I love googly eyes and decided to use them to finish off the gnomes.  Of course these are all happy gnomes so they needed a red smile.  The inspiration log didn’t have a mouth and had eyes painted on.

Now they are sitting happily by the door to the well cupboard just waiting for the day when they can be placed out in the garden.

It was a fun project to do and I know once I can uncover some more logs I’ll be adding to this log family.

It is satisfying to cross off projects on my crafting to do list  …… towel apronfixing of the gate tree, , gnome logs, fairy pot house, stash afghan in blues, stash afghan in multi, crochet twiddle muffneedle casefingerless mittscircle tote bag, driftwood, owl, hair bows.

It seems as things get crossed off the list something else gets added on.  I started adding links to the projects I’ve shared.  Others that have been finished will be shared at a later date.

What’s on your winter crafting list?

I’m sharing  with The Really Crafty Link Party,  Naturally Crafty and Mosaic Monday. Mosaic images were created using Photoscape, Fotor and iPiccy.

Growing Family


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  1. This is what you referred to when I sent you that email. They are so cute yet easy to make for our talented Linda. The boys got their socks and now I may start a scarf for myself or get some reading in.

  2. Love your family of gnomes, Linda, they’ll certainly add an extra level of interest to your garden once the good weather arrives. Great tutorial too, thanks for sharing with the Mosaic Monday crowd this week.