Festive Tea Bags

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Cookie cutters aren’t just for making cookies.  I used them as a template to make festive tea bags.  These little gifts can be tucked inside a greeting card to send a cup of cheer to the recipient.

making festive teabags at craftygardener.ca

You need the flat coffee filters that can be bought at dollar stores, some of your favourite loose tea, cookie cutters for templates and your sewing machine.  Be sure the cookie cutters are medium sized ones.  If they are too small, as the tree one in the picture was, it makes it difficult to get the tea inside.  I ended up folding the filter and cutting a better sized tree.

making festive teabags at craftygardener.ca

The folded trees worked the best as they were easier to sew and fill.  I had also made some tea charms to fasten to the loop of thread so the teabag didn’t sink down into the hot tea and get hard to take out. When doing the sewing leave an extra long threads at the beginning and end of your sewing.  I just knotted this and fastened a little teapot charm that was on a lobster clasp.  This way the charm can be removed and used on other teabags.

making tea charms at craftygardener.ca

The charms can also be fixed onto different infusers.  I use loose tea and purchase teabags.  Once filled the string can be tightened to close the bag and I add a charm to the end of it (after knotting the string).  The charm dangles over the side of the teapot or teacup so that it is easy to remove the teabag once it has steeped.

making festive teabags at craftygardener.ca

The festive teabags can be tucked inside a little card or a little plastic canvas mug.  In previous years I’ve also stitched little bags and tucked the teabag inside.

Christmas tea at craftygardener.ca

You don’t have to use Christmas cookie cutters.  I used a heart shaped one to test it out.  You can even draw your shapes and they can be used for any celebration … Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays or just in a card to say thanks for being my friend.  You are only limited by your own imagination.

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