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I’ve been having some fun creating glass totems lately.  I had collected lots of clear glass from thrift stores and from cleaning out the cupboards.

birdbath made from old glass dishes at

I picked out 3 pieces … a patterned  bud vase, a clear dish with a curly edge, and a divided serving dish to make a birdbath or drinking station.  I liked the idea of the divided dish as it would give the birds a place to perch while getting a little drink.  I grabbed my trusty tube of glue and started to glue them together.  Each piece needed pressing and holding into place.

birdbath made from old glass dishes at

I chose the bud vase so that it slips over the metal rod in the garden.  This way the totem can be lifted off and washed up very easily.  I used to make my teacup feeders and planters glued right onto the metal rod but it really became a chore to get them out of the ground for cleaning.  This way it slips right on and off with no problems and the metal rod stays in the ground.  The pattern on the bud vase also shows through the clear dish that is on top of it.

birdbath made from old glass dishes at

The day right after I put it into the garden there were a couple of little birds checking it out and getting a drink.

birdbath made from old glass dishes at

Of course I was working at the back of the garden and didn’t have a chance to dust off my hands and pick up the camera for a good shot.   Look how fuzzy the shot was, but you can tell there is actually a bird on it. In fact this has to be one of my worst photos. But as we all know not all photos come out perfect.  At least I didn’t have to wait for the film to get developed and then be disappointed.   I’ll be watching closer from now on in hopes of getting some better photos.  I think I’ll make another with a bit bigger dish for the top so that the birds can get in and splash around a bit too.

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