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Crafty is being craf-tea.

Don’t let the world of computers and the internet take away the pleasure of receiving a hand written note or card. Don’t get me wrong, virtual cards are lovely and always arrive in our inboxes on time. But don’t you just love getting a card, whether hand made or purchased, in your mailbox.  Here is another little idea for sending a cup of friendship tea on a birthday or special day.

Start with a piece of card stock.

making a friendship tea card at

Cut it 21.5 cm long by 10 cm high.  About 3.5 cm in from one end score a line and fold.  Scoring makes the fold a lot crisper.  This will fold to make a little pocket.  Then about 9 cm in from the other end score another line.  This will be the center of the card.

making a friendship tea card at

When folded it will look like this.  I then debated with myself how to keep the little fold down.  I decided a staple would be to tacky! and glue just might come undone!  So I opted for the sewing machine and a fancy stitch.  Sewing on card stock is really no different than sewing on material.

making a friendship tea card at

I just started at one corner and sewed along the edges and the little pocket was created.  It was just big enough to tuck in a packet of tea.

making a friendship tea card at

I printed up a friendship tea poem and trimmed it with my pinking shears.  It looked a bit bare on the cover by itself so it was off to find a bit of material, which got pinked around the edges and then glued onto the card.  The poem was then glued onto the material.  Now it is ready to tuck into an envelope along with a card.  These are also cute items for craft sales.

Click here for a print friendly version of this craft.

Some tea thoughts:
Once the package of friendship has been opened,
it can never be closed
It is a constant book always written
waiting to be read  and enjoyed.
… unknown
Women are like teabags.
They don’t know their strength until they are in hot water.
… Eleanor Roosevelt

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