The Plants

I love to share the plants in my garden and frequently offer them on our local Freecycle groups.  I also share seed from my plants via seed swaps and Seedy Saturdays.

Did you know the term perennial refers to plants that live longer than 2 years but not necessarily live forever?  Many plants appear to live longer than 3 years because they self seed themselves or send off shoots to new plants. Of course there are the plants likes peonies, hostas, and daylilies that seem to live on forever.

These are plants that grow in the gardens or have grown in the gardens.

drumstick allium blooms from  anemone decaen4   bleedingheartpinkstem1   cannas1

alliums     anemones    bleeding hearts   canna

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   coreopsisblooms      cosmosclump1a

clematis   coreopsis   columbine     cosmos

daffsyelloworange1a   daisyclump1a   pinks01a   delphinium01a

daffodils/narcissus   daisies    dianthus  delphiniums

2013daylilies1   eveningprimrose2  growing elephant ears at

  daylilies   evening primrose   elephant ears

 4oclockpink2a   feverfew2009a   fuschia24

 4 o’clocks   feverfew  fuchsia

   gerberayellow2   godetia02

golden goblin   gerbera daisies   godetia

heliopsis12a.jpg        honeysucklevinejune2011aa

 heliopsis   hollyhocks   honeysuckle vine

impatiens2a   incarvellea delavayl at   

impatiens    incarvilea dalavayl    iris

jerchokes13ee   ladysmantleplant1a   2013 lilacs1

Jerusalem artichokes  lady’s mantle  lilacs

growing ligularia at   lilyvalleymay2a   lupins06a

 ligularia  lily of the valley   lupins

liatris08a   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   marshmarigolds33bb   milkweed10aa

liatris   marigolds   marsh marigolds   milkweed

   glories   tub02a   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

miscanthus   morning glories    nasturtiums   ninebark

obedience02a   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   poppieshill1a   petunias at

obedience plant    peonies    poppies   petunias

pussywillows at   peruviandaff4   hyacinth bean ruby moon7   solseal12bb

pussy willows   peruvian daffodils      ruby moon hyacinth bean vine  solomon seal

appleperu0   sunflower03a   2013 trillium1a   parrot01aa

shoofly or apple of peru   sunflowers  trillium  tulips

   yuccasblooms5a   zinniapot3a

weigela   yucca   zinnias

think outside the pot     kitchen garden   veggies

plant table1     labels1

plant tables     plant markers

the gardener side at

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