Veggies and Herbs

Veggies, Herbs

Nothing tastes better than picking your own veggies and enjoying a nutritious meal.

Bean there, grown that! tracking the different beans I’m growing

varieties of beans at

rattlesnake beansscarlet runner beanspole beans, bush beans, Deseronto potato beans, yellow beans,

polebeans3     scarletrunners08  growing rattlesnake beans at

pony beans, black valentine beans, tepary beans

 ruby moon hyacinth beans (not edible),


Egyptian Walking Onions




Jerusalem artichokes


kitchen garden

Be Hap-pea with Ap’pea’ling Varieties – tracking the different peas I’m growing

varieties of peas at

monk peas, Alaskan peas, snow peas, tall peas, snap peas, heirloom peas

sweet peas (not edible)

 09potatoese  growing potatoes in large bags at

potatoes   growing potatoes in bags

growing French Breakfast radish at craftygardenerca

French breakfast radishes



zucchini 1a


You will want to make some plant markers or have a look at my  remembe’ring’ idea.

I have plant tables that are my equivalent of raised beds.  I fill them will large containers and can maintain my veggies without any bending or kneeling down.


protect the tomato plants on those chilly and maybe unexpected frosty night by covering the tomato cages with a big, clear plastic bag