Gazing Ball

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Every garden deserves a bit of whimsy.

I converted an old bowling ball into a gazing ball. This is a great trash to treasure idea. You can get old bowling balls from Freecycle groups, from the bowling alley, from thrift stores or garage sales.

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 Using glue such as Crafters Goop, Silicone II, or No More Nails I glued on those flat sided gems you can buy at dollar and craft stores. When it was completely dry the whole ball was grouted in a waterproof grout. After removing the extra grout and polishing the ball you have a wonderful gazing ball to add to your garden decor.
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Be patient as this is not a quick project, but all your work will be worth it when you see the gazing ball in your garden.
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 Some garden folklore:

A gazing ball will ward off witches from your garden. During the 17th Century in England, gazing balls were used to protect plants from the wicked witches who would come to steal them. The gazing balls attracted witches, but once the witches saw their ugly reflections, they fled the garden and the plants were safe.

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