A Glimpse into the Garden

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A Glimpse into the Garden

The garden journal shows some garden glimpses this week.  The trillium and hyacinths are blooming, the grass was cut for the first time, the wren returned to check out the birdhouses, and the weather was gorgeous midweek for relaxing in the gazebo.

hyacinths blooming at craftygardener.ca

One of the Stumpys is smiling over the yellow and white hyacinth.  I bought a couple more tree faces to add to my collection.

red and white trilliums in bloom at craftygardener.ca

The red and white trillium are out in full bloom in the north facing garden.

The ferns are popping out and it is interesting to see how far the roots travel under the ground before sending up new shoots.

ferns emerging at craftygardener.ca

Look what we saw in the garage!  Goodness knows how it got there, but we scooped it up on a dustpan and took it to the run off stream at the back of the garden.  The funny thing was we had seen the same water bug walking through the parking lot when we were swimming with the grandkids at the local pool.  Then a couple of days later we saw this one at home.

a water bug at craftygardener.ca

This is a giant water bug also knows as a toe biter (it didn’t get a chance to bite my toes) or electric light bugs.  The technical name is Belostomatidae and it was about 5 cm in length.

the wren at craftygardener.ca

The wren has returned to the garden and has been checking out some of the birdhouses.  I’ve heard the oriole but haven’t seen it yet.

The beginning of May is wet with a threat of severe thunder storms.  I’ll be soaking the peas this week and planting them.  Soaking helps to fatten the seeds up and get them ready for growing.  Some of the local garden centres are opening up and I can’t wait to visit our favourites.  It’s still too early to plant annuals in our area but in another 3 weeks or so it will be time to get them into the ground.

I’m sharing  these 5 garden glimpses with  Mosaic Monday and Five on Friday

the gardener side at craftygardener.ca

The Gardener Side of me keeps my online garden journal to help me keep track of when the plants sprout, bud and bloom

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Sprouting:  Egyptian walking onions, , sedum, sage, poppies, penstemon, hosta, mint, garlic chives, obedient plant, coreopsis, mountain bluet, coral bells, drumstick allium, false spirea, 

Budding: pussy willows, lilacs, honeysuckle vine, honeysuckle shrub, tulips,

Growing well: ditch lilies, rhubarb, mini iris, bleeding heart, iris, red carpet stonecrop

Blooming: trillium, hyacinth, vinca, daffodils, 

Blooms finished: crocus

Trowel & Error: clematis

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